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Ubuntu Mascots Wallpaper

I recently came upon a beautiful wallpaper that includes all the Ubuntu mascots and wanted to share it with you:

Ubuntu Mascots Wallpaper

The wallpaper was created for the Ubuntu Karmic Koala release and it initially  only included the middle shelf animals but it was recently updated with all the new mascots.

Download @ DeviantArt

Start uTorrent Server As A Daemon With This Upstart Script

uTorrent server Linux

I've recently built a small home server powered by Ubuntu and wanted to give uTorrent Server for Linux a try. I needed a way to demonize uTorrent so it starts automatically and I can easily start/stop it so I've used an upstart script (found here) for this. Here's exactly how to do it:

Make Windows 7 Look Like Ubuntu With Maverick For Win7

Maverick for Windows 7 theme

And now for something different... Maverick for Windows 7!

If you dual-boot or have to use Windows 7 for work and miss Ubuntu, here's something you can use to make Windows look more familiar: a Windows 7 theme called "Maverick for Win7" designed to look like the Ubuntu Ambiance theme (the latest version in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick).

Last Week's Top Posts (Week 8, 2011)

2 More Beautiful, Easy To Set Up Conky LUA Configurations

Here are two more great and easy to set up Conky LUA configurations: Conky HUD and Conky Grey:


Conky HUD

How To Start Applications Minimized In Linux (With Devilspie)

Devil's Pie ("devilspie") is an utility that lets you perform various actions on windows. While some of its functionality can be found in Compiz, there's one cool feature that Devilspie provides which is not available in Compiz (that I know of anyway): minimizing a window as soon as it's open.

Devilspie is also very useful for those that do not use Compiz. It can perform the following actions on the windows you open: minimize, move them to a certain workspace, maximize, fullscreen, unmaximize, maximize vertically or horizontally, pin (visible on all workspaces), undecorate, resize windows, set the opacity and more.



G'MIC (GREYC's Magic Image Converter) is a tool that comes with a lot (more than 190) of pre-defined image filters and effects for GIMP and is available for Window, Linux and Mac OSX.

Unity Keyboard Shortcuts List

Unity Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

A while back, Jorge Castro set up a page on the Ubuntu Wiki for all the Unity keyboard shorcuts and the page was always updated once Unity gained new keyboard shortcuts. For some reason that page is no longer available and the Unity keyboard shortcuts documentation moved to AskUbuntu:

Unity Update (3.4.6) Brings New "Super" Shortcuts For The Launcher [Ubuntu 11.04 Development]

Unity screenshot

A new Compiz-based Unity version (3.4.6) was uploaded to the Ubuntu 11.04 repositories minutes ago, getting one of the features you've just seen in the Unity 2D video we've posted earlier: when pressing and holding the Super key, a number is displayed for each application in the Unity launcher and pressing that number will launch / raise that app. However, in the Compiz Unity you also have a shortcut for the application/file places, expo and trash as you'll see in the video below (this isn't available in Unity 2D yet).

Get Notifications With A Close Button In Ubuntu

Awn notification daemon

A lot of people want a close button for the Ubuntu notifications but unfortunately this won't happen - they don't want NotifyOSD to be customizable. But you can get notifications that have a close button by using the AWN Notifications Daemon.

We have a patched NotifyOSD that provides options to move the notifications to a different corner and such, but unfortunately it doesn't have an option to add a close button, however not many people are aware of the "Notification daemon" Avant Window Navigator applet. This applet has been around for a long time and it replaces NotifyOSD, providing some cool customizations (and of course, the notifications have a close button!): you can place the notifications anywhere on the screen, you can set it to display an icon in AWN that you can use to turn the notifications on/off with a click, set a sound for the notifications, specify custom colors for the notifications (or use the AWN theme colors), transparent (gradient factor) and more.

New Unity 2D Design On The Way (Video)

Unity 2D (Qt) is finally getting closer in design to the regular Unity. Check out this video recorded by by om26er:

The changes you can see in the above video are not yet available in the Unity 2D PPA, but expect it to land soon.

Thanks to Gaurav for the tip; video thanks to om26er

Gnome Shell 2.91.90 Released - Screenshots And Video

Gnome Shell 2.91.90 was released yesterday getting some final adjustments according to the release announcement:

This release just about concludes user interface changes anticipated before GNOME 3.0. The only significant change we expect after this release is to add a native network indicator based on NetworkManager 0.9.

Gnome Shell 2.91.90 video

LibreOffice 3.3.1 Has Been Released


A quick update: LibreOffice 3.3.1 has just been released, bringing new colored icons and eliminates various problems to improve stability. This is a minor release so that's about everything that's new in this release.

Edubuntu 11.04 Gets Package Selection In Ubiquity (So You Can Chose What To Install)

Edubuntu 11.04 is becoming an amazing Ubuntu flavor. For instance, it seems that Edubuntu will ship with both Unity 2D (according to the latest edubuntu-meta) and Ubuntu Classic desktop by default (but the regular Unity will still be available). Unity 2D will also be used as fall-back for those that try to use the regular Unity but don't have a capable graphics card. Further more, LibreCAD (formerly CADuntu), a great 2D CAD drawing tool based on the community edition of QCad ported to Qt will also be included by default starting with Edubuntu 11.04.

But the best part is that Edubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal will let you chose the packages you want to install by providing a package selection dialog in Ubiquity. Stéphane Graber explains:

Synapse (Launcher) 0.2.4 Released With New Plugins

Synapse launcher

Synapse, the cool new semantic launcher for Linux written in Vala and powered by Zeitgeist reached version 0.2.4 codename "Anandamide". This version brings new plugins: calculator, Launchpad plugin (find bugs and branches on Launchpad), Pastebin, Imgur (upload images) and a selection plugin (allows you to execute actions on currently selected text).

The new version also brings multiple fixes to the Zeitgeist searches, copy to clipboard action, UI fixes and speedups and other bug fixes.

Download Tribler 5.3.7 (From SVN) .deb For Ubuntu 10.10


Tribler is a decentralized BitTorrent client - that means that you can search for torrents from the peers themselves so you do not have to use external servers.

We've covered Tribler last week but you had to download it from SVN and the process was a bit complicated. But WebUpd8 reader Dakira has created a .deb for the latest Tribler from SVN (5.3.7) so it's now very easy to install.

Try This Great Looking Conky Lua Configuration For Ubuntu, Fedora Or Linux Mint

Conky lua

Despot77 posted a great looking Conky Lua configuration at Gnome-Look that displays some beautiful rings for the cpu, clock, ram, swap, disk, net and also comes with an easy way to display the weather that doesn't involve you register to any website, work with API keys and so on. Another thing I like about this configuration is that it comes with various color themes and distribution logos: Fedora, Linux Mint and Ubuntu (update: the package also provides Debian and openSUSE configurations).

Here is a screenshot of my desktop - setting it up took under one minute so don't get scared about the instructions below, it's actually quite easy:


TagPlayer Adds Ubuntu Sound Menu, Multimedia Keys Support


Wow, that's a lot of applications that were updated this week. The latest one: TagPlayer.

TagPlayer is a very simple music player that plays your local music by using its Last.fm tags. The most important new feature in the latest version (0.2.06) is Ubuntu Sound Menu support. This means the AppIndicator is no longer available but if you want it back, submit a bug and Filipe, the TagPlayer developer might add it back (as an optional feature).

Touchpad-Indicator Now Automatically Disables The Touchpad When You Plug In A Mouse

Touchpad indicator

Touchpad Indicator was created with a very simple feature in mind: to allow you to easily enable / disable your laptop or netbook touchpad with a click but it slowly started gaining some other cool features. About two months ago, Touchpad Indicator got a nice feature that allows you to toggle the Touchpad on/off using a keyboard shortcut which is very useful for those that have issues with the Fn keys.

Today, Touchpad Indicator got yet another very interesting feature: it can automatically disable the touchpad when you plug in a mouse.

Launchpad-Getkeys Gets Proxy Support [Automatically Import All Missing GPG Keys With One Command]

Launchpad Getkeys

Launchpad-Getkeys is a script (comes packaged in a .deb) that automatically imports all missing GPG keys, even if you're behind a firewall. It was initially created by blackgr @ ubuntuforums but then I decided to completely re-write the script so I can add some options, new features and so on.

Unity Launcher Will Support Icon Resizing!

Well that was fast! Mark Shuttleworth has just posted a comment on the bug report regarding icon resizing support for the Unity launcher, saying:

Looks great! Thanks Andrea, let's get it into review and landing.

If you don't know what this is about, check out our previous post: Unity Launcher Gets Unofficial Patch To Allow Icon Resizing. But Will It Be Approved?

Unity Launcher Gets Unofficial Patch To Allow Icon Resizing. But Will It Be Approved?

Andrea Azzarone, who's also behind the menu integrated in the window titlebar Unity mockup we've posted last week has created a patch that provides an option to change the Unity launcher ("dock") icon size.

Check out this video featuring his actual code (not a mockup!):

Displex Indicator Can Now Enable/Disable The Screensaver, More [Version 0.6, Released]

Displex Indicator

Displex is an appindicator initially designed to provide similar functionality to the well-known "fusion-icon", but using an Ubuntu Indicator. However, Displex progressed and now provides a lot more features: it can be used to control the window decorations, screen rotation through Xrandr, switch between Metacity or Compiz compositing, provides AcerHK support and more.

Haguichi (Hamachi GUI) Reaches Version 1.0.5

Haguichi 1.0.5

Haguichi, a GUI for Hamachi (including Hamachi2) has reached version 1.0.5. Here's the complete changelog:

Thunderbird Indicator Adds Folders Support

Thunderbird Messaging Menu

Thunderbird Indicator is an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird which notifies you of new mail messages via Ubuntu's standard notification system and the Messaging menu. Once a new mail is received, the Messaging menu's icon turns green and a notification pops up. The Indicator Applet also provides quick access to your contacts and allows you to compose a new message.

A while ago we were telling you about a PPA that provides a package called "xul-ext-indicator" that integrates Thunderbird in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu. This is actually a Thunderbird extension packaged in a .deb so you can easily get updates.

Last 2 Weeks Top Posts (Weeks 6, 7 - 2011)

Get USB Drives To Work With VirtualBox (Ubuntu Host)

To get USB drives to work with VirtualBox when using Ubuntu as a host, you need to add your user to the vboxusers group.

Set DockBarX To Use Compiz Scale Plugin (Unity-Like)

DockBarX Compiz Scale

I don't know how many of you know this, but DockBarX has a cool feature that allows you to trigger the Compiz Scale plugin when clicking on a window group. This is the effect used in Unity that you've seen in many videos - well, it this was available in DockBarX for a long time.

That means that you can already use this Unity dock feature without Unity. Check out the video below:

Rescue Lost Partitions Data With GParted 0.8

GParted 0.8

GParted is a partition manager you can use to resize, copy or move partition without losing your data.

The latest GParted 0.8, released a couple of days ago, adds an option to rescue data from lost partitions: "This new feature uses the gpart command to guess the partition table. Discovered file systems can be mounted read-only so that you can copy data to other media". Bugs fixed in the new version include: fix paste destination partition smaller than source, prevent visual disk display area from disappearing and fix minor cylinder alignment rounding error. A complete changelog can be found HERE.

Download "An Introduction to Debian Packaging" PDF Guide

An Introduction To Debian Packaging PDF

An Introduction to Debian Packaging is a PDF created by Lucas Nussbaum, designed to tell you what you really need to know about Debian packaging, keeping a resonable size. The guide doesn't attempt to be complete but it's great if you want to start making your own .deb files or simply understand how the Debian packaging works.

Recent Notifications Applet Can Now Blacklist Applications

Recent Notifications applet

Recent Notifications is a GNOME applet that collects recent messages sent with libnotifiy to a notification daemon, such as notify-osd.

Just one day after we wrote about the Recent Notifications applet, it got a cool new feature but we never got to write about it because of the many news that came up this week.

Unity: The Systray Is Back, Themable Top Panel, Hide Animations, More [Ubuntu 11.04 Updates]

The Ubuntu devs really like to push updates at night but luckily I'm usually awake when that happens so I can tell you what's new in Unity as soon as the updates are released.

A new Unity version was released a few minutes ago with some exciting new features. New for Ubuntu 11.04 I mean, because they are something that's always been around in Gnome but not available or removed in Ubuntu 11.04 / Unity.

The systray is back! But it's different.

The biggest change is the addition of a systray (notification area) to the Unity top panel:

Unity Mockup: Menu Integrated In The Window Titlebar

One of the design goals of Unity is to reduce the clutter of the desktop, another is to use space more efficiently.

We hide the menu by default in Unity because the menu provides no useful information to which you can refer just by looking at it, but it puts a lot of detail on the screen which is visual clutter. So, we’ve taken the view that the menu is there if you need it (by moving the mouse to it or pressing Alt) but otherwise isn’t in your view.

Many modern applications are doing without a menu altogether, so in our view, this is a step towards the future, and it will encourage application developers to think about their interfaces and make them more usable by design rather than depending on the crutch of a menu.

The text above is a quote from Mark Shuttleworth is which he talks about the reasons behind the decision to put the menu on the top panel and set it to autohide.

The idea

Based on this, Ubuntu user Andrea Azzarone came up with an idea/mockup to integrate (with autohide) the menu bar in the title bar for ummaximized windows:

Unity global menu in titlebar mockup

First Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" Dev Snapshot Available For Download

Opera 11.10 Linux screenshot

Earlier this week, the Opera Desktop Team announced Opera 11 "Barracuda" which they say it will bring "another popular Opera feature will be taken to the next level".

Firefox 5 Mockups Reveal "Site-Specific Browsers", Updated Location Bar

While Firefox 4 is still in beta and even though it seems it will be released in March, it might actually be further delayed, the first Firefox 5 mockups are already starting to emerge.

It seems that Mozilla will adopt something called "site-specific" browsers (this is basically the old Prism with a new look) or "desktop apps" starting with Firefox 5, which will have an integrated site menu. Here are some mockups to understand how that will work:

Firefox 5 browser specific browser mockup

New ElementaryOS Video (Featuring Plank, Slingshot, Wingpanel, Postler, Dexter, Midori)

A new Elementary OS video was posted a few days ago on YouTube, showing off some of the new applications: Slingshot and Plank as well as the already known Wingpanel (but which now is a full panel), Postler, Dexter or Midori:

Don't See Any Updates From WebUpd8 (And Others) On Facebook? Here's A Fix!

Are you only seeing updates in your Facebook newsfeed from the same people lately and don't see updates from WebUpd8, other pages you like or even some of your friends? This is because of some recent Facebook changes which sets your news feed by default to automatically show only posts from people you've recently interacted with.

Here's a fix: go to your news feed ("Home" link), click on the "Most recent" link on top of the page and select "Edit Options":

Guayadeque 0.2.9 Supports iPod, USB Mass Storage Devices, Wavpack, Trueaudio, Integrates With The Ubuntu Sound Menu

Guayadeque 0.2.9

Guayadeque is starting to become a mature, reliable music player - the latest version 0.2.9, released today brings some very important features to Guayadeque like Ubuntu sound menu support, iPod support with covers and playlist, usb mass storage devices support, support for trueaudio files and wavpack, option to embed album cover to all album tracks, output audio device configuration option in preferences, Magnature and Jamendo support.

Other new features in Guayadeque 0.2.9 include:

Chromify-OSD: NotifyOSD Notifications For Chrome


Jorge Castro announced the release of a Chrome extension called Chromify-OSD that makes the build-in Chrome notifications use NotifyOSD. I'll make this post short because for some reason the extension doesn't work for me in either Google Chrome or Chromium.

Highlight Text Or Annotate PDF Files In Ubuntu With Xournal

Xournal PDF annotate highlight text

Xournal is an application for note taking or sketching and even though its page says it's a tool similar to Microsoft Windows Journal, Jarnal, Gournal, and NoteLab, I'd also add Foxit Reader to the list.

That's because even though its Sourceforge page doesn't mention this, Xournal can also be used as a lightweight PDF viewer and further more, it can be used to highlight text in PDF documents, make annotations and so on. However, please note that Xournal is not a PDF editor!

TextMap Gedit Plugin Displays A Navigable File Thumbnail In The Side Pane

Gedit TextMap Plugin

If you like the minimap which shows you an an overview of your files that comes with Sublime Text 2, you'll be glad to know that such a plugin was released for Gedit.

TeamViewer6 Stable For Android, Released [Remote Desktop Application]

TeamViewer 6 Android Ubuntu

TeamViewer is an application for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (even though it comes in a .deb or .rpm, it uses Wine which comes bundled with it).

While TeamViewer is proprietary and only free for personal use, it has the advantage of being very easy to use and comes with a cool feature: you don't need to know the IP of the computer you want to connect to: all you have to do is open TeamViewer, give the person you want to connect to your computer the user ID and password and they will be able to connect to your PC, even if you have a dynamic IP, you're behind a firewall or router and so on.

TeamViewer6 Android screenshot

How To Run Tribler 5.3.x From SVN In Ubuntu [Decentralized BitTorrent Client]

Tribler 5.3.x Ubuntu

Tribler is a decentralized, EU-funded BitTorrent client. That means that you can search for torrents from the peers themselves so you do not have to use external servers. You must have heard of it already as it was featured on many websits (like DownloadSquad, Lifehacker and so on).

Unfortunately is that there are no .deb packages for the latest Tribler 5.3.x and that's really a shame because the latest Tribler is a lot faster then the current 5.2.1 version for which .deb files are available and also it sports a new user interface.

But that of course doesn't mean you can't run the latest Tribler from SVN in Ubuntu (important: tested only in Ubuntu 10.10!) - here's how.

Videoporama 0.8.1 Released, Now Better Than Ever! [Application To Create Video From Pictures]

Videoporama 0.8.1

Videoporama is an application you can use to create video presentations from pictures that runs on Linux and Windows. It comes with various transition effects, option to add sound to the video, many different presets and uses mplayer for previewing the slideshow before processing it. We've covered Videoporama in detail a while back so check out that post for more info: Videoporama: Create Cool Video Slideshows From Your Pictures.

Videoporama 0.8.1 was released a few days ago, adding a cool new feature that's not available in any other such Linux applications: you can now include videos too so it's not just an application to create videos from pictures anymore. You can also set the start / end position for a movie so if you only want to display a few seconds from a video in your montage, you can easily do it from the Videoporama options.

Evernote For Linux: NixNote (Previously Nevernote)

Evernote is an service/application you can use to store notes, images and all kind of information (like audio, handwritten or video notes) for retrieving later. It supports search and tagging and most importantly: you can sync everything between computers - further more, Evernote supports mobile devices too like iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Android and there's a web interface too and a clipping bookmarklet to pull anything into your netbook. But unfortunately there's no official Evernote application for Linux.


NixNote (previously called Nevernote) is an open source clone of Evernote that works on Linux. While Evernote now runs on Linux through Wine, the application is quite slow so you may want to try NixNote.

Live CD To Fix / Restore Grub (And Grub2) Or Force Filesystem Check: Rescatux

There are many ways Grub can get broken: installing Windows, messing around with Grub configuration files or just a faulty update. Luckily, there are also quite a few ways to restore Grub. Such a tool is Rescatux, an really easy to use Live CD that fixes the Grub in seconds.

Temple Of Tangram Is A Fun Puzzle Game For Linux, Windows And Mac OSX

Temple Of Tangram

"Temple Of Tangram" is a small puzzle game that was recently ported to Linux (also runs on Windows and Mac OSX). Unfortunately the game is not open source but it's free to play and includes 50 levels. You can also buy 250 additional levels for 4 euro.

OpenShot Video Editor 1.3.0 Released With New Default Theme, Upload To YouTube Or Vimeo, New 3D Animations

OpenShot 1.3.0 screenshot

OpenShot, the application that you've voted as the best Linux video editor a while back reached version 1.3.0 today.

OpenShot 1.3.0 comes with a new user interface called "Fresh" and finally adds something many of you have requested: stock icons support. The new version also lets you easily upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo:

Easily Upload Files / Images To RapidShare, ImageShack Or TwitPic With PyShare


PyShare is a collection of scripts that let you upload images, screenshots or other files to ImageShack, TwitPic or Rapidshare via right clicking the files in Nautilus.

The application then displays a list of links in the notification area so you can easily copy the direct links, HTML, forum code and so on:

Never Miss A NotifyOSD Notification With "Recent Notifications" GNOME Applet

Don't you wish you could see the recent NotifyOSD notifications? I know I would - for instance I use a nifty application called Android Notifier that displays NotifyOSD notifications on my computer when I get a new SMS or call on my Phone, but if I'm doing something else when that happens and I miss the notification, there's no way to see it on my computer. And that's just an example, there are many other applications which display NotifyOSD notifications that you might like to see later on in case you've missed the actual notification (like some Twitter clients, etc.).

Pinguy OS LTS Update: 10.04.2 [Ubuntu Remaster]

Pinguy OS 10.04.2

An update for Pinguy OS 10.04 LTS was released today: 10.04.2. For those who are not familiar with Pinguy OS: it's an Ubuntu remaster with a lot of useful default applications "built to have eye candy (Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, Docky, Nautilus Elementary) and for every part of it to be user-friendly". It comes with a lot of applications we've featured on WebUpd8 so if you want a ready-to-use Linux distro, you should really try Pinguy OS. I like to call it "Ubuntu after a week of customization" but lately it's getting way past "a week".

Fix DPKG Error "Trying to Overwrite X Which Is Also In Package Y" In Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

Sometimes when installing / upgrading a package, you get an error about it trying to overwrite some file which is also found in some other package and this results in a error that won't let you install / upgrade that package. I don't know about you, but I get this kind of errors quite often (most probably because I'm running bleeding-edge software but that's another story).

In most cases, such errors occur when some file was moved from one package to another in a newer version. Here is an example of such an error:

Unity 2D Gets A Workspace Switcher Too

Unity 2D workspace switcher

The default Unity ("Unity 3D") has a cool workspace switcher that wasn't available in Unity 2D (Qt) until last night's updates. Check out the video below to see it in action:

Ubuntu 11.04 Release Schedule Changed

Kate Stewart (Ubuntu Release Manager) announced on the Ubuntu-Devel mailing list that there will be no Ubuntu 11.04 Release Candidate and on the date the RC was supposed to be released, a beta 2 will be released instead (but on April 14th instead of 21st). That means there will be no release candidate for Ubuntu 11.04.

Install The Android 3.0 Music Player On Older Android Versions

Android 3.0 music player

JaJsemMatty user posted the Android 3.0 music player (currently in beta) .apk on the xda-developers forum so you can install it on any Android device (it may not work on any device though, I'm not sure).

I've tested the application on my HTC Desie HD (currently running Android 2.2.1) and it worked pretty good. Unfortunately there are some missing features like "add to playlist" and the equalizer - but these are expected in a beta release.

Install Transmission BitTorrent Client 2.21 In Ubuntu (PPA)

Transmission 2.21

Transmission 2.20 was released a few days ago and today it was finally uploaded to the Transmission PPA (the version in the PPA is actually 2.21 which only fixes some compiling issues with 2.20). The new version comes with some very interesting features like remembering downloaded files when a drive is unplugged, better support for running a script when a torrent finishes downloading, shutdown transmission sessions via RPC and more.

Play YouTube Videos Without Flash [From /tmp, Works With Adobe Flash 10.2]

A while back we wrote how to play YouTube videos without Flash with just one click. The second method (my favourite) used to work with any browser but the latest Flash 10.2 breaks it because the cached files are deleted from /tmp (but are still there). With the help of Reddit, I got it working again and with a minor tweak it works with any browser (I've only tested it with Firefox and Chromium).

What is this about really? Using this method to play YouTube videos, you still need Flash installed but all you have to do is start a video in the browser so it's downloaded in the cache but then you can click "pause" (but don't close the tab!), then click a button on your panel (or you can assign a keyboard shortcut or whatever) which will launch that video in VLC or Mplayer.

Gnome Shell Gets Automatic Workspaces [Video]

Gnome Shell automatic workspaces screenshot

Remember the Gnome Shell automatic workspaces mockup we've talked about a while back? It has just been added to the main Gnome Shell branch today.

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Released, Brings Stage Video Hardware Acceleration (32bit only)

Adobe Flash player 10.2

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 was released yesterday with a new Stage Video API which lets you take advantage of hardware acceleration (if your video card supports it).

In my tests, using Adobe Flash Player 10.2 (still in beta at the time I've tested it) the processor usage for 1080p YouTube videos dropped from ~90% to around 20-30%. A while back we've published a post on how to take advantage of hardware acceleration for Adobe Flash Player 10.2 in Ubuntu (including a video show the performance with and without hardware acceleation) so check out that post for more info on this.

Use The Ubuntu Font With Any Website / Browser In Ubuntu

WebUpd8 reader TP has sent us a tip regarding a post he wrote about getting all the websites to use the Ubuntu font on your system (or whatever fond the user sets as the default Desktop font - this should work with any browser you use) instead of the font they have specified in the CSS rules:

Shutter 0.87 Can Capture Rounded Window Corners, Export To Postscript, Automatically Resize Windows And Much More

Shutter 0.7 screenshot tool

Shutter, an amazing, dare I say "the best" Linux screenshot tool was updated to version 0.87 today, getting lots of new features:

Lubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 Released, Removes Cheese And Xarchive

Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 screenshot

Lubuntu is an unofficial LXDE Ubuntu flavor designed to run on old hardware.

Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 was released today with a bit of a delay due to some issues with the hardware on the computer that generates the ISO.

There aren't major changes since alpha 1 except for two default packages which have been removed: Cheese is no longer in the default Lubuntu 11.04 install and Xarchive has been replaced with file-roller.

Ozone, a theme proposed to become default in Lubuntu 11.04 is not default in the latest alpha 2 and its status regarding Lubuntu is still unknown.

Auteur Is A New Non-Linear Video Editor For Linux


Auteur is a new non-linear video editor for Linux. The application is currently in alpha but seems to advance pretty fast, with 6 releases in just one week (the first alpha preview release was published on 31 January 2011).

The application "focuses on what's important to an editor: cutting footage, reliably, rather than attempting fancy effects you won't use anyway" says the Auteur developer.

Minitube 1.4 (Plays YouTube Videos Without Flash) Released, Available In The WebUpd8 PPA


Minitube is a native YouTube client for Linux (as well as Windows and Mac OS X) which you can use to watch videos without Flash Player. Further more, Minitube can also be used to download videos from YouTube.

Minitube 1.4 was released today, the new release finally bringing YouTube channels support:

Home Dash: Try The New Mozilla Labs Experimental Addon For Firefox 4

Home Dash Firefox 4

After releasing Tab Candy (now called Panorama) which has now graduated and is available in the latest Firefox 4.0 betas, Mozilla experiments with yet another very interesting concept called Home Dash. Is Home Dash revolutionary or is Mozilla trying too much? You decide.

What is Home Dash?

Home Dash is an experimental Firefox 4.0 extension that remove the conventional Firefox user interface items (location bar, search bar, the tabs) and provides a dashboard with search functionality which you can use to find your top sites, tabs, history or do a web search. It's like using Firefox in full-screen, but without the actual full-screen (weird, I know, but you'll understand exactly what I mean after watching the video).

Here is the Home Dash introduction video:

How To Resize A VirtualBox 4+ Hard Disk (.VDI), The Easy Way [Quick Tip]

VirtualBox 4.0 got a very cool new feature that allows you to easily resize a hard disk in just a few seconds. Previously, you had to install Gparted to do this and the procedure was quite slow.

GIMP Painter And GIMP Paint Studio Transform GIMP Into The Ultimate Painting Tool

GIMP Paint Studio

GIMP Paint Studio

GIMP Paint Studio is a package that comes with new tools and brushes, designed to improve the drawing capabilities of GIMP. We've covered GIMP Paint Studio a long time ago (wow, almost 2 years ago) and many things have changed since then - most importantly, GIMP Paint Studio now comes with an Ubuntu PPA so it's very easy to install it in Ubuntu.