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Master PDF Editor is a multi-platform application written in Qt that allows you to create, edit and encrypt PDF and XPS files. 

The tool can be used to create or edit PDF files by adding text, inserting images, split, merge or delete pages from PDF files as well as for annotating PDFs, adding sticky notes and much more.

Master PDF Editor Ubuntu

Besides being able to edit PDF files, Master PDF Editor also supports filling PDF forms.

Master PDF Editor is not open source software. The Linux version is free for non-commercial use while the Windows version requires a License ($49.95) after 30 days.

Master PDF Editor features:
  • Change every element of a PDF File;
  • Create new PDF and XPS files or edit existing ones;
  • Add and/or edit bookmarks in PDF files;
  • Encrypt and/or protect PDF files using 128 bit encryption;
  • Convert XPS files into PDF;
  • Add PDF UI controls such as buttons, checkboxes, lists, etc. to PDFs;
  • Highlight text, add sticky notes;
  • Import/export PDF pages into common graphical formats, including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF;
  • Split and Merge PDF files;
  • Move Pages;
  • Fill out PDF forms (includes Dynamic XFA form support);
  • Validation Forms and Calculate Values;

In my test, the application was very fast at loading PDF files and I was able to add, remove or change text and images without messing the original PDF formatting (for instance, when importing the same PDF file in LibreOffice Draw, the formatting was messed up).

Update: The latest Master PDF Editor 4 includes new features such as exporting PDF to text, convert image files to PDF, scan paper documents into PDF, and OCR support. There are also some new minor features, like adding background images, watermarks, and more.

Here is a Master PDF Editor 4 screenshot taken in Ubuntu 16.10:

Master PDF Editor 4 Ubuntu

Update 2: there are some features that are not available in the free Linux version, and to use them, you must purchase a commercial Master PDF Editor license. These are:
  • Paste to Multiple Pages;
  • Save Optimized As...;
  • Document Actions;
  • Document JavaScript;
  • Page Properties;
  • Signing PDF with digital signature;
  • Headers and Footers;
  • Watermarks;
  • Background;

Also see PDF Arranger, a Linux application to merge, split, rotate, crop or rearrange PDF documents.

Download Master PDF Editor

Download Master PDF Editor (binaries available for Linux: 32bit and 64bit deb, rpm and generic, Windows and Mac)

Arch Linux users can install Master PDF Editor via AUR.

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