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Since Mark Shuttleworth announced the codename for the new Ubuntu 11.04 yesterday, we had to update our Ubuntu Mascots post so let's take a look at the pretty (or not?) Ubuntu mascots, from the warty Warthog to the latest natty NARWHAL.

The development codename of an Ubuntu release takes the form "Adjective Animal". Initially these weren't in alphabetic order - until Dapper DRAKE (6.06).

Ubuntu Warty WARTHOG (4.10):

ubuntu warthy warthog 4.10

Ubuntu Hoary HEDGEHOG (5.04):

ubuntu hoary hedgehog 5.04

Ubuntu Breezy BADGER (5.10):

ubuntu breezy badger 5.10

Ubuntu Dapper DRAKE (6.06):

ubuntu drapper drake 6.06

Ubuntu Edgy EFT (6.10):

ubuntu edgy eft 6.10

Ubuntu Feisty FAWN (7.04):

ubuntu fetsy fawn 7.04

Ubuntu Gutsy GIBBON (7.10):

ubuntu gutsy gibbon 7.10

Ubuntu Hardy HERON (8.04):

ubuntu hardy heron 8.04

Ubuntu Intrepid IBEX (8.10):

ubuntu intrepid ibex 8.10

Ubuntu Jaunty JACKALOPE (9.04):

ubuntu jaunty jackalope 9.04

Ubuntu Karmic KOALA (9.10):

ubuntu karmic koala 9.10

Ubuntu Lucid LYNX (10.04):

ubuntu lucid lynx 10.04

Ubuntu Maverick MEERKAT (10.10):

ubuntu maverick meerkat 10.10

Ubuntu Natty NARWHAL (11.04):

ubuntu natty narwhal 11.04

... to be continued.

You can read more about the Ubuntu code names @ Ubuntu wiki