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Here are two more great and easy to set up Conky LUA configurations: Conky HUD and Conky Grey:


Conky HUD

Conky Grey - DOWNLOAD:

Conky Grey

Both Conky Grey (and the other color variations) and Conky HUD can be installed by creating a folder called ".conky" in your home directory and placing both files extracted from the downloaded archive (either Conky HUD or Conky Gray - or both) into this folder.

Then start Conky HUD using the following command:
conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_HUD

Start Conky Grey using the following command:
conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc_grey

To customize Conky HUD / Conky Gray, open the "conkyrc_HUD" or the "conkyrc_grey" file and:
  • to modify the text color change the "color" value (for all the "color" parameters like "color1", "color2" and so on.
  • to change the position on the desktop, modify the "gap_x" and "gap_y" values.

For Conky HUD: to modify the ring colors, open "conky_HUD.lua" and replace the "00FFBB" value (do a "search and replace all) with the color you want.

For Conky Gray: to modify the ring colors do the same as above, but replace "ffffff" with the color you want for the rings.

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