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Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet Beta 1 Released, Gets Official Ubuntu Flavor Status

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Vivid Vervet Beta 1 was released today. Let's take a look at what's new since alpha 2.

Ubuntu MATE Vivid 15.04

Unfortunately I didn't have time to test the other flavors (and for most of them, there's not much to say anyway), so I'll only cover Ubuntu MATE for this first beta release. However, I'll add links to the other flavors' release notes (download links included), below:

YouTube Viewer: A Complete YouTube Client For Linux [Ubuntu PPA]

YouTube Viewer is an application written in Perl that can be used to search, play and download YouTube videos.

The app ships with two interfaces: GTK2 and comamnd line and it offers a wide range of features, like an advanced search, browsing YouTube categories, view your subscriptions, favorites or recommended videos, view complete video information (including comments, upvotes/downvotes, video category and so on and allows posting comments from the app) and more.

YouTube Viewer

Vivaldi Browser Devs Add 32bit Linux Builds [Quick Update]

Vivaldi is a new Chromium/Blink based web browser aimed at power users. I won't get into details here, since we already covered Vivaldi a few weeks ago, so check out our previous article for more information.

Vivaldi Browser Ubuntu

[Quick update] The Vivaldi Dev team announced a new Vivaldi snapshot today and with it, they've decided to provide 32bit Linux binaries (deb and rpm) for download.

Command Line YouTube Player `mps-youtube` Sees New Release(s)

mps-youtube was updated to version 0.2.2 (and shortly after to 0.2.3) recently, bringing some interesting new features, like an option to use an external application for downloading YouTube videos, metadata tagging of downloaded audio files and more.


mps-youtube is a a command line tool to search, play and download YouTube videos, which supports both local and YouTube playlists.

By default, mps-youtube is basically a YouTube audio player, but it can also serve as a YouTube video player (and downloader), by enabling external video playback (officially, it supports mpv and mplayer for video playback) from its options.