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How To Stream To Twitch From Linux Using OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free, open source application which allows video recording and live streaming. The app can be used to stream to various popular websites such as Twitch.tv, YouTube, Hitbox.tv, Vaughn Live / iNSTAGIB.tv, DailyMotion, Connectcast.tv, GoodGame.ru, CyberGame.tv, CashPlay.tv along with custom streaming servers.

OBS Studio Ubuntu

The original Open Broadcaster Software was rewritten, with the main goal of being multiplatform, along with a more powerful API and a more thorough feature set. The new multiplatform OBS Studio is currently in alpha and is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Try Nuvola Player 3 Beta (Cloud Music Player With Tight Desktop Integration)

Nuvola Player is a cloud music player supports various services such as Google Play Music, This is My Jam, Rdio, Deezer, Bandcamp, Spotify, Jango, Mixcloud and KEXP Live Stream.

Its purpose is to integrate these music services with the desktop, providing MPRIS v2 support (integration with the Ubuntu Sound Menu, GNOME Shell MediaPlayer extension, Cinnamon Sound applet, etc.), desktop notifications, multimedia keys support, Unity quicklists as well as an optional tray icon.

Nuvola Player 3

Nemo 2.6 Gets A Plugin Manager, More [`Nemo With Unity Patches` PPA Updated]

While Nemo 2.6 wasn't officially released yet (Cinnamon 2.6 is currently undergoing testing in the Linux Mint Romeo repository), its source has been available for some time on GitHub. 

I've been using Nemo 2.6 (2.6.5) for about a week and it works great, so I've decided upload it to the WebUpd8 Nemo (with Unity patches and without Cinnamon dependencies) PPA.

Nemo 2.6