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Ancient Warfare Game 0 A.D. Alpha 19 `Syllepsis` Released

0 A.D. game

Wildfire Games has released 0 A.D. alpha 19 "Syllepsis" yesterday. This alpha release includes new gameplay features, graphics and user interface changes as well as various under the hood improvements.

0 A.D. is a historical war and economy game that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, which features several ancient civilizations, from Greece and Rome to Carthage and Persia.

Evernote Linux Client `NixNote` 2 Beta 5 Available For Download

NixNote is an unofficial Evernote client for Linux which was initially called NeverNote. The application was written in Java until NixNote 2, which is a complete rewrite in C++ using the Qt framework, having better performance and a reduced memory footprint as main goals. The application continues to use Java for encrypting and decrypting text, but that's optional.

Nixnote2 Linux

Fix For Some Apps Starting Behind Focused Windows In Ubuntu (Compiz)

In Ubuntu (w/ Unity), some applications/windows open behind focused windows which can be annoying in some cases. Here are a few examples:
  • clicking the "open containing folder" in the Firefox downloads menu, the file manager pops up behind the focused window;
  • activating applications through indicators doesn't always bring them to the foreground, for instance Pidgin chat windows, the file manager opened via the "Open Dropbox folder" Dropbox AppIndicator menu item, Rhythmbox from the Ubuntu Sound Menu, etc.;
  • if there's already a fileroller window open (Archive Manager, a compress/extract job, etc.), the second window you open is not focused.

Schedule Tasks Based On Various Conditions With `When`

"When" (or "when-command") is a task scheduler which allows running unattended tasks when certain conditions are met.

When Command

Using "When", you can set your desktop to perform various tasks depending on certain conditions. For instance, you can synchronize files, perform some cleanup actions, auto import photos from external storage devices and many other tasks (these are examples and require adding commands or scripts to "When"), all based on conditions such as a command exit code or output, a given time interval, file/folder changes and more.

Fix Large Black Borders Around Header Bar Apps With Some Themes In Ubuntu 15.10 (GTK 3.16)

In Ubuntu 15.10 (which uses GTK 3.16), there's a bug which causes some themes, like Numix, to have large black borders.

This bug only occurs for applications that use header bars (client-side decorations) and it affects Ubuntu (with Unity), while Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu GNOME don't seem to be affected (at least in my quick test). Update: MATE with Compiz enabled is also affected so I guess any desktop environment under which you use Compiz is affected (thanks to pawelp!).

Here's a screenshot with GNOME Clocks (an app that uses header bars) under Unity (Ubuntu 15.10), using Numix GTK theme:

Ubuntu black borders bug

Display Keystrokes In Your Screencasts With `Screenkey` (Fork)

Screenkey is a tool which displays your keystrokes on the screen, useful for screencasts (especially for how-to videos).


The original Screenkey was abandoned but thanks to Yuri D'Elia, the application lives on, through a fork that's an almost complete rewrite of screenkey 0.2 (the last version released by the original developer), which includes quite a few improvements and new features, such as:

Configure Qt5 Application Style, Icons, Fonts And More With Qt5ct

Unlike Qt4, Qt5 doesn't come with a configuration tool to allow setting the icon theme, fonts or the style and instead, it tries to use the settings from the running desktop environment.

This works well for KDE and GNOME (as well as Unity) but you may encounter issues under other desktop environments such as Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE and others (I'm not sure what Qt5 versions are affected by this, but it seems to be fixed in the latest Qt 5.5.1 according to THIS comment).

Here's an example (Audacious 3.7 using the Qt5 interface under Linux Mint 17.2 with Cinnamon):

`Albert` Quicklauncher PPA Packages Updated

`Albert`, a quick launcher for Linux, has received quite a few updates lately, fixing many of the bugs you may have encountered in the early versions, along with other changes.

Albert allows you to quickly run applications, open files or bookmarks (Chromium only), search the web, calculate and more. The application is inspired by Alfred (Mac), is written in C++ and based on the Qt framework, and it's desktop environment agnostic so you can use it with any desktop environment.