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WebUpd8 reader TP has sent us a tip regarding a post he wrote about getting all the websites to use the Ubuntu font on your system (or whatever fond the user sets as the default Desktop font - this should work with any browser you use) instead of the font they have specified in the CSS rules:

I have never liked the way most websites look on a default installation or Live CD, it doesn't do anything to impress the new user. I feel this is largely due the fonts mess in Linux.

On my blog I have a detailed explanation of getting the Ubuntu font to be the default font used by web browsers to display websites. The experimentation was carried out on Maverick.

I was blown away by how beautiful websites looked when they used the Ubuntu font. The font was fuller and smoother.


Check out his post for more info and instructions on setting this up: Getting the most out of the Ubunt font. There are some screenshots too - see THIS Picasa Web album.

Thanks to TP for the tip!