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GParted 0.8

GParted is a partition manager you can use to resize, copy or move partition without losing your data.

The latest GParted 0.8, released a couple of days ago, adds an option to rescue data from lost partitions: "This new feature uses the gpart command to guess the partition table. Discovered file systems can be mounted read-only so that you can copy data to other media". Bugs fixed in the new version include: fix paste destination partition smaller than source, prevent visual disk display area from disappearing and fix minor cylinder alignment rounding error. A complete changelog can be found HERE.

Install GParted 0.8 in Ubuntu

You can download GParted 0.8.0 .deb files below:
To be able to use the new rescue data for lost partitions feature, you also need a package called "gpart" which is available in the official Ubuntu repositories. Install it by clicking the button below:

(this will only install the gpart dependency, not GParted)

Or open a terminal and type the following:
sudo apt-get install gpart

Gparted is also available as a Live CD. The latest GParted Live 0.8.0-1 stable is based on the Debian Sid repository as of Feb 17, 2011 and you can download it from the GParted website.

Debs thanks to LFFL.org