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Opera 11.10 Linux screenshot

Earlier this week, the Opera Desktop Team announced Opera 11 "Barracuda" which they say it will bring "another popular Opera feature will be taken to the next level".

Well, the first Opera 11.10 "Barracuda" development snapshot was made available for download on the Opera Desktop Team blog today. For now, the mysterious new feature is not available but considering the fast development Opera has been undergoing lately, I'm sure we'll see it soon enough.

The Opera 11.10 snapshot comes with Web Open Font Format (WOFF) support and a few other minor new features as well as a huge list of bug fixes but that's mostly it. Since this is a development build, there are also things that don't work yet: there's no HTML5 playback on Mac, the Acid 3 reference rendering is broken and tabs opened by extensions open to the left instead of the right.

Check out the announcement and download Opera 11.10 Barracuda development build from the Opera Desktop Team blog (.deb files included).