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Conky lua

Despot77 posted a great looking Conky Lua configuration at Gnome-Look that displays some beautiful rings for the cpu, clock, ram, swap, disk, net and also comes with an easy way to display the weather that doesn't involve you register to any website, work with API keys and so on. Another thing I like about this configuration is that it comes with various color themes and distribution logos: Fedora, Linux Mint and Ubuntu (update: the package also provides Debian and openSUSE configurations).

Here is a screenshot of my desktop - setting it up took under one minute so don't get scared about the instructions below, it's actually quite easy:


To set it up (obviously, you must install conky first), download the archive from Gnome Look, extract it and:

1. Create a folder called ".conky" in your home directory and copy the Linux Mint / Ubuntu / Fedora image to this folder.

2. In your home directory create a folder called ".lua" and inside this folder, create a new folder called "scripts". Here, copy the "clock_rings.lua" file.

3. Copy the "conkyrc" file in your home directory and rename it to ".conkyrc" (just add a dot in front of the filename).

4. To set the weather for your city, go to http://weather.noaa.gov and search for your city. The URL will then look like this (this is for my country / city): http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/LRBS.html - copy the code at the end (LRBS in my case) and in the ~/.conkyrc file, replace "LQBK" with your code.

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