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Displex Indicator

Displex is an appindicator initially designed to provide similar functionality to the well-known "fusion-icon", but using an Ubuntu Indicator. However, Displex progressed and now provides a lot more features: it can be used to control the window decorations, screen rotation through Xrandr, switch between Metacity or Compiz compositing, provides AcerHK support and more.

A new version of Displayex (0.6) was released today, this version bringing some menu enhancements like stock GTK icons and radio buttons for the options. There are also some new features: control verbosity of messages and a demo mode which you can use to see all the Displex menus (by default, the menus which your computer does not support such as Disper and AcerHK are disabled).

Also, since our last post on Displex, it got some very interesting new features: you can now use Displex to show/hide the wallpaper, activate/deactivate the screensaver and there's also a new submenu for controlling direction of screen extension.

Download Displex (includes .deb)