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Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 screenshot

Lubuntu is an unofficial LXDE Ubuntu flavor designed to run on old hardware.

Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 was released today with a bit of a delay due to some issues with the hardware on the computer that generates the ISO.

There aren't major changes since alpha 1 except for two default packages which have been removed: Cheese is no longer in the default Lubuntu 11.04 install and Xarchive has been replaced with file-roller.

Ozone, a theme proposed to become default in Lubuntu 11.04 is not default in the latest alpha 2 and its status regarding Lubuntu is still unknown.

Since we didn't cover Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 1, there's one more really important change since Lubuntu 10.10 that I have to mention (this change came with Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 1): Aqualung has been replaced with Audacious:

Audacious Lubuntu 11.04

Both Aqualung and Audacious are great, lightweight music players but Audacious was probably the Lubuntu developers choice thanks to its plugins and versatility.

Since there is no changelog available for the latest Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2, I'm not aware of any under-the-hood changes but we'll continue to watch the Lubuntu development and let you know of any major change that may happen.

Download Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2 (remember, this is alpha software so do not use it on production machines): direct download | torrent

Also, if you plan on installing Lubuntu 11.04 alpha 2, read the following warning from the Lubuntu mailing list:

A quick warning, be careful if you install it. Ubiquity (the installer) will ask you for keyboard configuration. Be sure to say No, so you will be able to configure properly your keyboard and select your layout. Otherwise, you may not be able to use your keyboard after the reboot.