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For this week's hive five post we've chosen 5 Linux video editors and as usual, we'd like you to vote for the one which you find to be the best.

This time we found it really hard to only pick 5 apps but since we had to, we decided to go with: Avidemux, OpenShot, KDEnlive, LiVES PiTiVi. But there were other applications just as good as these such as Cinerella, Kino, Open Movie Editor, even Blender can do video editing and so on so don't hesitate to vote for an application which is not among the 5 we've picked, by selecting "Other answer" and then entering your choice.

Vote: Best Linux Video Editor:

As usual, don't forget to let us know (in the comments) why you like a certain video editor as well as suggest some we might not know of.

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