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PyShare is a collection of scripts that let you upload images, screenshots or other files to ImageShack, TwitPic or Rapidshare via right clicking the files in Nautilus.

The application then displays a list of links in the notification area so you can easily copy the direct links, HTML, forum code and so on:


Further more, PyShare supports uploading to your account for all the 3 services (RapidShare, ImageShak and Twitpic).

Install PyShare

1. Install the dependencies:
sudo apt-get install python-pycurl scrot

2. Download PyShare from Gnome Look and extract it.

3. In the PyShare folder, double click the "install.sh" file and select "Run in terminal" - this will install the scripts. Please note that you cannot remove the PyShare folder because the install script only creates links to the files so this is required for it to work.

Once installed, right click a file in Nautilus and select Scripts: you'll then be able to select "SendFiles" to directly upload a file", or take a screenshot and upload it automatically.