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Guayadeque 0.2.9

Guayadeque is starting to become a mature, reliable music player - the latest version 0.2.9, released today brings some very important features to Guayadeque like Ubuntu sound menu support, iPod support with covers and playlist, usb mass storage devices support, support for trueaudio files and wavpack, option to embed album cover to all album tracks, output audio device configuration option in preferences, Magnature and Jamendo support.

Other new features in Guayadeque 0.2.9 include:
  • posibility to add more lyrics sources or edit existing ones
  • stop after current track using shift + click on stop button
  • more options for Copy To patterns
  • Album Artist to Music Brainz tagger feature
  • support for wma files extended attributes
  • the option to disable replay gain in preferences
  • option to not follow symbolic lyncs while doing the scanning
  • network buffer size option in Preferences

Now if only the user interface woud integrate better with Gnome, especially the buttons which I personally do not like. But since Guayadeque is one of the most actively developed Linux music players, I'm sure these will change in the future.

Install Guayadeque 0.2.9 in Ubuntu

Add the Guayadeque PPA and install the latest 0.2.9 using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:anonbeat/guayadeque
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install guayadeque

If you like bleeding edge software, you can also install the latest Guayadeque from SVN - currently it's the same as 0.2.9, but it will get features much quicker (but it's also potentially unstable). If you want to install it, add the same PPA as above but don't install the "guayadeque" package and instead, install the following:
sudo apt-get install guayadeque-svn

In my test, Guayadeque didn't have a menubar but I've fixed it by changing the GTK theme so if you have this issue, do the same. Please note that basically it doesn't matter what theme you're using, just make sure to change the GTK theme after you start Guayadeque if you're experiencing this issue too. I'm not sure what's causing this bug (it could be due to some experimental packages I'm using or maybe a bug in Guayadeque, I'm really not sure).

For direct .deb downloads and source files, see the Guayadeque Sourceforge page.