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Shutter 0.7 screenshot tool

Shutter, an amazing, dare I say "the best" Linux screenshot tool was updated to version 0.87 today, getting lots of new features:
  • Shutter now uses Libunique so you can only run one Shutter instance
  • capture last active window
  • Shutter can now capture rounded window corners when running Compiz. You can overwrite the default parameters by creating a file named ~/.shutter/shape.conf and put custom values in it
  • automatically resize windows before capture and restore them once Shutter takes the screenshot. This is useful when you want to fit all images to a specific width / height.
  • export files to PostScript
  • if Shutter is cluttering your home folder, there is now an option you can use so that Shutter doesn't automatically save the screenshots to disk
  • EXIF orientation flag is now supported
  • you can now send messages to an already running Shutter instance. For example, you can run "shutter –window=.*firefox.*" from the terminal and Shutter will search for the Firefox window and take a screenshot

These are only the most important features in the latest Shutter 0.87. Check out the Shutter 0.87 release announcement for more info.

Install Shutter 0.87 in Ubuntu

Add the Shutter PPA and install the latest Shutter in Ubuntu using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shutter/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install shutter

For other Linux distributions, check out Shutter's download page.