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Touchpad indicator

Touchpad Indicator was created with a very simple feature in mind: to allow you to easily enable / disable your laptop or netbook touchpad with a click but it slowly started gaining some other cool features. About two months ago, Touchpad Indicator got a nice feature that allows you to toggle the Touchpad on/off using a keyboard shortcut which is very useful for those that have issues with the Fn keys.

Today, Touchpad Indicator got yet another very interesting feature: it can automatically disable the touchpad when you plug in a mouse.

To use this new feature, you'll have to configure it first: click the Touchpad Indicator and select "Preferences", then click the "Configure" button - at this point you should see a window like this:

Touchpad Indicator - unplug mouse

You have to unplug your mouse (if connected) and click "OK". Then, another window will pop-up:

Touchpad indicator - plug mouse

Plug in your mouse and click OK. Once you do this, the configuration should be over (make sure the "Disable touchpad when mouse plugged" option is enabled!).

Install Touchpad Indicator in Ubuntu

Important: if you've previously installed Touchpad Indicator (or any other app from the Atreao PPAs), you need to add the PPA below as that is now the official PPA for all Atreao apps, including TouchPad Indicator, Picapy, My Weather Indicator and so on.

To add the Atareao PPA and install TouchPad Indicator, use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator

In case you find any bugs, please report them to the Touchpad Indicator page @ Launchpad. You can also help translate Touchpad Indicator into your language.

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Thanks to the TouchPad Indicator developer Lorenzo Carbonell @ atareao.es for the news!