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Tribler is a decentralized BitTorrent client - that means that you can search for torrents from the peers themselves so you do not have to use external servers.

We've covered Tribler last week but you had to download it from SVN and the process was a bit complicated. But WebUpd8 reader Dakira has created a .deb for the latest Tribler from SVN (5.3.7) so it's now very easy to install.

To use Tribler, download and install the "python-vlc" package first, then Tribler:

The "python-vlc" package is required to play a video while it's still downloaded. This didn't work for me, however Darkira says that even though the video opens in an external window (even if you check the option to play in the same window), it does work so maybe there is some issue on my end.

Please note that this .deb was created for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. It might work with other Debian-based Linux distros that provide Python 2.6 but it wasn't tested.

Many thanks to Dakira for the .deb!