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Displex, an application that provides similar functionality as "fusion-icon", but using an Ubuntu appindicator, was updated to version 0.4.

The new version finally fixes the issue with the appindicator icons - if you use Ubuntu Mono Dark or Light, Elementary Monochrome, Faenza or Faenza Dark -, Displex should integrate nicely with no further tweaking.

Displex 0.4 also adds support for Metacity compositing and basic support for Disper and AcerHK (if you need drivers for this, see HERE). Further more, Displex now doesn't display the menu items for the applications which are currently not installed (so if you didn't install Emerald for instance, no menu item for it will show up).

Here are screenshots showing the Disper and AcerHK menu items:

Displex disper

Displex AcerHK

Please note that the Displex developer doesn't own an Nvidia graphics card so if you do and try out the Disper feature, let him know how it works!

Thanks to Arick McNiel-Cho for the tip and last 2 screenshots!