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WebUpd8 is an Ubuntu / Linux blog which delivers daily news, tips and application reviews. We follow the Ubuntu and GNOME development and keep you up to date with everything new and interesting. We don't call WebUpd8 the best Ubuntu / Linux website, but many of our readers do ;). Subscribe and decide for yourself!

Some approximate stats: ~23,000 people have added WebUpd8 to their circles on Google+, ~60,000 people have liked WebUpd8 on Facebook, WebUpd8 has around 30,000 Twitter followers and more than 29,000 RSS / email subscribers. According to Google Analytics, more than 800,000 unique visitors read WebUpd8 monthly and they generate almost 4,500,000 page views.

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WebUpd8 was initially started by Andrew () with two friends who gave up after a short time. The website is currently managed by one man: Andrew (this includes: writing articles and testing, managing the WebUpd8 PPAs and pages on Facebook, Google+, etc.). However, there a lot of readers who send tips and even full articles (thanks rkv, StoneCut, Bruce, tinhed and all those who have sent tips!).

So why read WebUpd8 and what makes it stand out from other Ubuntu / Linux websites? Here are a few reasons:
  • everything is tested. Before writing an article, everything is tested as long as that's possible. Usually the tests are made on the current Ubuntu version, but sometimes multiple Ubuntu versions or multiple Linux distributions are used for testing. This includes the fixes and tweaks posted as well as the applications / packages we write about or we host in our PPAs. Of course, because of different hardware or different package versions, not everything might work for everyone, but if something doesn't work, post a comment and we'll try to see what's wrong and how it can be fixed (if possible);
  • PPAs managed by WebUpd8. To make it easier for the readers to install various applications that aren't available in the official Ubuntu repositories (or for which the version available in the Ubuntu repositories is too old), WebUpd8 maintains some PPAs (personal package archives). The packages in the WebUpd8 PPAs are always tested and are usually well packaged, unlike packages available in many PPAs available on Launchpad. Check out a list of packages and PPAs maintained by WebUpd8, HERE;
  • tips, tricks and tweaks you won't find anywhere else. We sometimes quote other websites, but we always try to add some extra information and/or present it from a different perspective (and we always give credits to the website we quote). We also write many articles that include tips, tricks, tweaks, fixes or how-to's you won't find anywhere else (unless some content scraper copies it obviously :) ).


Please do not send questions on how to fix Ubuntu bugs or other support issues. I can't possibly answer to so many people, although I would have liked to do so! Please use ubuntuforums.org, Launchpad or AskUbuntu for that! Thank you.

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Please note that I get a lot of emails and I may not be able to answer all of them. Thanks for understanding.