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Pinguy OS 10.04.2

An update for Pinguy OS 10.04 LTS was released today: 10.04.2. For those who are not familiar with Pinguy OS: it's an Ubuntu remaster with a lot of useful default applications "built to have eye candy (Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, Docky, Nautilus Elementary) and for every part of it to be user-friendly". It comes with a lot of applications we've featured on WebUpd8 so if you want a ready-to-use Linux distro, you should really try Pinguy OS. I like to call it "Ubuntu after a week of customization" but lately it's getting way past "a week".

Pinguy OS 10.04.2 comes with some of the features from 10.10 that were missing in 10.04 like the Sound Menu applet or the new Ubuntu Software Center. Pinguy OS also comes with a new default application: TeamViewer 6, a popular application for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers.

Pinguy OS TeamViewer

True Long Term Support

Pinguy OS 10.04.2 LibreOffice

But that's not all! The latest 10.04.2 shows that Pinguy OS is serious about LTS (Long Term Support) and brings all the new features from 10.10 to 10.04. Even though released as an update can be considered a new stand-alone version due to the huge improvements it received: native ZFS file system support, the 200 lines kernel patch as well as new default / updated applications which include: DJL (Game Manager), LightScribe Software, LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice, VirtualBox 4, Calibre, LuckyBackup, lxDBPlayer and so on. Further more, Docky now has 3D effects even without Compiz.

Oh, and Conky - an application which always manages to draw attention -, now has a new layout:


The old layout is still available (.conkyrc.old) so you can use that if you don't like the new layout. This is how the old Conky layout looks:

Conky Pinguy OS

Download Pinguy OS 10.04.2

Pinguy OS 10.04.2 is available for both 32bit and 64bit: Download Pinguy OS 10.04.2

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