Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

  1. GIMP Painter And GIMP Paint Studio Transform GIMP Into The Ultimate Painting Tool
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  6. Evernote For Linux: Nevernote
  7. New ElementaryOS Video (Featuring Plank, Slingshot, Wingpanel, Postler, Dexter, Midori)
  8. Unity: The Systray Is Back, Themable Top Panel, Hide Animations, More [Ubuntu 11.04 Updates]
  9. Never Miss A NotifyOSD Notification With "Recent Notifications" GNOME Applet
  10. TeamViewer6 Stable For Android, Released [Remote Desktop Application]
  11. Play YouTube Videos Without Flash [From /tmp, Works With Adobe Flash 10.2]
  12. Unity Mockup: Menu Integrated In The Window Titlebar
  13. Auteur Is A New Non-Linear Video Editor For Linux