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Maverick for Windows 7 theme

And now for something different... Maverick for Windows 7!

If you dual-boot or have to use Windows 7 for work and miss Ubuntu, here's something you can use to make Windows look more familiar: a Windows 7 theme called "Maverick for Win7" designed to look like the Ubuntu Ambiance theme (the latest version in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick).

Besides the actual style, the Maverick for Win7 package also comes with fonts, the Ubuntu 10.10 default wallpaper, a start Orb image and Ubuntu Sounds Scheme for Windows. Besides these, the Maverick For Win7 page also links to various applications and other tricks you can use to make Windows 7 look like Ubuntu. For instance you can use Gdipp to make the Windows fonts look like in Ubuntu or an application to change the Windows 7 start button and even a port of the DMZ Cursor theme for Windows. You can read about all these at the Maverick for Win7 DeviantArt page.

The theme is of course not perfect. The author explains that some applications don't look too good with this theme, for example Firefox 4 (which used to look ok but then an update broke it), some elements of the original Ubuntu theme couldn't be implemented because of Windows limitations and there are some other bugs too. Also, the theme only works with Aero.

I haven't tried Maverick for Win7 because I don't use Windows, but I must say then even with the these limitations, the theme looks quite good in the screenshot, don't you think?

Download Maverick for Win7 @ DevianArt (remember to make a backup before installing the style!).

via UbuntuPortal; image credits: dpcdpc11 @ DeviantArt