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Kate Stewart (Ubuntu Release Manager) announced on the Ubuntu-Devel mailing list that there will be no Ubuntu 11.04 Release Candidate and on the date the RC was supposed to be released, a beta 2 will be released instead (but on April 14th instead of 21st). That means there will be no release candidate for Ubuntu 11.04.

So here is the new Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal release schedule:
  • December 2nd - Alpha 1
  • February 3rd - Alpha 2
  • March 3rd - Alpha 3
  • March 31st - Beta
  • April 14th - Beta 2
  • April 28th - Ubuntu 11.04

This is the second time the Ubuntu 11.04 release schedule is changed - the first time it was drastically modified and went from 5 alpha versions to just 3.