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DockBarX Compiz Scale

I don't know how many of you know this, but DockBarX has a cool feature that allows you to trigger the Compiz Scale plugin when clicking on a window group. This is the effect used in Unity that you've seen in many videos - well, it this was available in DockBarX for a long time.

That means that you can already use this Unity dock feature without Unity. Check out the video below:

To set DockBarX to use the Compiz Scale plugin for a window group, open the DockBarX Preference and on the "Group Button" tab, under "Select action options", for "Multiple windows open" select "Compiz scale".

If you also want an Expo shortcut like in the video, check out this post: Gnome Panel Icon For Triggering The Compiz Expo Plugin (Like In Unity). To add the Expo shortcut to AWN, add the "Simple Launcher" applet, then drag'n'drop the Expo icon (which you've created like in the post linked above) to it.

Post inspired by arzali @ Ubuntuforums.