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Gnome Shell automatic workspaces screenshot

Remember the Gnome Shell automatic workspaces mockup we've talked about a while back? It has just been added to the main Gnome Shell branch today.

However, the automatic workspace Gnome Shell implementation seems to have more in common with this Unity mockup than the initial Shell mockup: the Unity mockup proposed to always have an empty workspace so the user doesn't have to create it while the Gnome Shell mockup proposed to never have an empty workspace. Either way, the idea seems very good so it doesn't matter where it came from. Too bad this won't be in Unity too - unfortunately Mark Shuttleworth turned it down.

The initial automatic workspaces mockup suggested that you can launch an application on a workspace by simply dropping the launcher on that workspace, but this didn't work in my test so either they gave up on this idea or it just wasn't implemented yet (it probably still needs some work, considering it was just merged into the main Gnome Shell branch).

But enough explaining, here's a short video so you can see exactly how this works:

As always, our Install Gnome Shell (From GIT) In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat post is up to date so you can give Gnome Shell a try and see the new automatic workspaces for yourself.

What do you think?

Thanks to John for the tip!