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TeamViewer 6 Android Ubuntu

TeamViewer is an application for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (even though it comes in a .deb or .rpm, it uses Wine which comes bundled with it).

While TeamViewer is proprietary and only free for personal use, it has the advantage of being very easy to use and comes with a cool feature: you don't need to know the IP of the computer you want to connect to: all you have to do is open TeamViewer, give the person you want to connect to your computer the user ID and password and they will be able to connect to your PC, even if you have a dynamic IP, you're behind a firewall or router and so on.

TeamViewer6 Android screenshot

A while back we were telling you that TeamViewer released an Android application you can use to control your computer (be it Windows, Linux or Mac OSX) using your Android device. Until today, the TeamViewer Android application was in beta but today they've finally released a stable TeamViewer6 for Android. The application remains free of charge for non-commercial users just like the beta version.

Using the Android TeamViewer6 application you can easily access a computer at home or office, administer some server, reboot a computer and so on - all using your Android device.

Since our last post, TeamViewer for Android got quite a few new features and improvements: more intuitive userinterface, support for Swype keyboards, better keyboard handling, Trackball/D-Pad can be used for mouseclicks and lots of bug fixes. The latest version also feels a lot faster.

Here are some more screenshots taken on my Android device (connected to my work Ubuntu desktop):

TeamViewer6 Android Ubuntu

TeamViewer6 Android

Android TeamViewer6 screenshot

TeamViewer6 Android screenshot

Download TeamViewer6 for Android: the application is not available in the Android Market but you can download it from the TeamViewer website: teamviewer.com (to install it, navigate to that website using your Android device and click the download link). You'll also need TeamViewer 6 on your computer: download.