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Cairo Dock (GLX Dock) To Get A New Autohide Option In Version 2.1.4

cairo dock ubuntu 10.04 lucid screenshot

Cairo Dock (which recently got a new theme for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx) adds yet another cool feature: a smart auto-hide function.

The new autohide it's like Docky's intellihide except I found Cairo Dock to work even better (there I've said it!).

Here is a video with the new Cairo Dock autohide option:

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.4 Released With Login Screen (GDM) Customizations

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.4 was released today. It doesn't come with new major features except an option to customize the GDM (login screen), which you can use to change the login screen background, logo, disable the user list, disable the login sound and disable showing the restart buttons:

ubuntu tweak 0.5.4

PPA Purge Now Available Via GetDeb

PPA Purge is a tiny tiny script (comes as a .deb) which a lot of Ubuntu users will love. We've actually covered it before, but it's now easier to install because PPA Purge is available via GetDeb.

So what is PPA Purge? Well, imagine you add a PPA repository which messes up a lot of stuff on your computer. PPA Purge can be used (with a single command) to remove that PPA, remove everything installed from that PPA and reinstall the original packages from the official Ubuntu repositories. Basically you have to use just ONE COMMAND for all these steps.

How Good Would You Say Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Is? Rate it! [Poll]

This poll is actually Mundo Geek's idea but I'm really interested to see WebUpd8's readers opinion.

So, if you already upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, how do you rate it? The poll:

You can also post your impressions in the comments below.

Official Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Screenshots And Features Tour

ubuntu 10.04 official screenshots tour

The Ubuntu website was just updated with the official screenshots and features tour. You can find it @ http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/1004features

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Final Is Available For Download

ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx final

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is available for download @ http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/.

But you're probably wondering what the word "somewhat" is doing in the title. Well, Phoronix reports that a new critical bug (bug #570765 ) hit Ubuntu today. The bug is that when installing Ubuntu 10.04, if the user had other operating systems installed (it doesn't matter if that's Windows or another Linux distribution), GRUB2 will not detect them. That basically means that with the current ISO, dual boot is not possible.

This comes after another critical bug was reported this week but which presumably has been fixed.

Update: The bug is fixed (fix committed but not yet released) but the new ISOs need rebuilding.

Update 2: Not sure what to believe now. Ubuntu 10.04 is available to download @ Ubuntu website: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download and also Ubuntu 10.04 release announcement has been made on the Ubuntu announcements mailing list so it seems they already rebuild the ISO files.

Looking for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx screenshots? See these posts (nothing changed basically):

Ubuntu 10.04 Start 0.4.8 Released; Now Supports Multiple Languages Thanks To You!

ubuntu 10.04 start multilingual

That's right, in less than 24 hours since we asked for your help to translate Ubuntu Start, version 0.4.8 has been released and it now supports multiple languages.

So what is Ubuntu 10.04 Start? The main purpose of this script is to speed up configuring Ubuntu 10.04 immediately after you've just installed it. This includes both installing popular applications and codecs as well as fixing some annoyances in Ubuntu 10.04.

I decided to release it now even though there are still translations to be done because many people will need it since Ubuntu 10.04 will be released today. Once I receive new translations, I will add them to the script as soon as I can.

Ubuntu 10.04 Start Script Gets International; Needs Your Help!

I won't present the Ubuntu Start project again, you can read all about it HERE. Since launching Ubuntu Start (also known as "What To Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Script" =) ), a few people translated it into their native language. However there was a lot of work to be done on their side with every update I made because the script didn't support multiple languages so the strings had to be translated inside the script.

The story

Well, I had some time today so I implemented multiple language support to the Ubuntu Start script. It's not using .pot or .po files (although the language file is called .pot - never mind this) and the translations won't be made in Launchpad - I simply couldn't figure out how to set up the translations in Launchpad.

The language strings file is very easy: a plain text file with English phrases, that is all.

We need your help!

Nautilus "Enqueue In Rhythmbox" Plugin Updated, Can Now Add Folders Recursively

nautilus enqueue in rhythmbox

A while back we wrote about a Nautilus plugin which would allow you to simply right click music files and select "Add to Rhythmbox Play Queue" and the files would instantly be enqueued to Rhythmbox - like "Enqueue in Winamp" does on Windows.

Like we told you back then, the script wasn't perfect: it didn't enqueue folders recursively and also if some songs had some special characters, all the selected songs would fail to be added to the Rhythmbox play queue. But Seemanta, the developer of this plugin released a new version a few days ago which addresses these bugs.

Ubuntuforums.org Start Page Extension For Google Chrome / Chromium

chrome ubuntu start page

Peter Kmet has created a start page extension for Google Chrome / Chromium which is especially designed for Ubuntu users. The Start Page extension comes with quick links to some Ubuntuforums.org sections, as well as other very useful Ubuntu resources such as Launchpad, Gnome Look, GetDeb, Gnome Files and so on.

But that's not all this Chrome extension can do. It also displays the latest Ubuntu news, quick access to your bookmarks, a task manager, latest wallpapers from Desktop Nexus and more.

While I really like this extension, an option to remove some of the links as well as adding your own would be a nice addition.

Install Ubuntuforums.org Start Page for Chrome / Chromium | Thanks to Peter for letting us know about his new extension!

Improved Docky Zeitgeist Integration Makes You Forget You Have A File Manager

docky zeitgeist integration

Sure, Docky already had Zeitgeist integration but starting yesterday, the Zeitgeit integration got more cool then ever: the jump lists provide a list with "Most Used Items" which includes items from the last 2 weeks, and also "Other Recently Items".

Script To Automatically Download And Compile FFmpeg And x264 In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic And 10.04 Lucid

ffmpeg version

FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video from the command line. As you probably know, the FFmpeg version from the official Ubuntu repositories is compiled without support for some codecs so if you want to use them, you must compile FFmpeg for yourself.

NicoLargo (who has an awasome blog by the way) has created two scripts based on a post from the Ubuntuforums (which we've quoted several times before) to automate the process of compiling FFmpeg in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

Why 2 scripts? Because one is for installing (compiling FFmpeg) and the second one is for updating it.

Basically all you have to do is run the script (and have an active Internet connection) and it will automatically download the latest SVN version of FFmpeg, compile it, create a .deb package with checkinstall and install it. The script will also download and compile the x264 library required by FFmpeg.

Download the FFmpeg installation / update script and how to use it

Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 Will Get A Global Menu By Default

global menu ubuntu mac os x

Mark Shuttleworth announced today that Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" Netbook Edition will come with a global menu. He also states that ONLY the Ubuntu Netbook Edition will get the Global Menu.

The idea is that using a global menu in the top panel would increase the available vertical space, which is so important on a Netbook (we addressed the screen real estate in some parts of our Ubuntu Netbook Remix (now renamed to Ubuntu Netbook Edition) Optimization Guide).

Opera 10.52 For Windows And Mac OS X Released, Linux Still Alpha

opera 10.5x linux

Looking for Opera 10.5x for Linux? Unfortunately the Linux version is still alpha, even though the Opera team released Opera 10.52 for Windows and Mac OS X today.

However, there is still some good news for Linux users. The Opera Next page says:

Opera 10.5x for Windows reached final quality in March and Mac followed in April. We are now progressing towards the final version for Linux.

So now at least we know the Opera developers are finally concentrating on the Linux version which means we could have Opera 10.5x for Linux sometime around the end of May (according to some comments on the Opera Blog).

More info on the Windows and Mac OS X release, HERE.

You can download Opera 10.52 for Windows and Mac OS X from the Opera download page. The latest Linux builds (including Ubuntu .deb; rpm files are also available) are available @ http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/snapshot-6325/

Install Extra Ubuntu Community Themes From The Ubuntu Artwork Wiki In Seconds

Some community themes from the Ubuntu Artwork Wiki made it into the "community-themes" package from Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (which you can install using: sudo apt-get install community-themes) however some amazing themes didn't.

Some people probably only install a few of the themes which didn't make it into Lucid but if you want to install all of them you'll notice it takes quite some time to browse all the pages, download, extract, put the files to the right place and so on, especially if you want to install them to multiple computers.

For this reason I've created an archive which comes with a tiny script which extracts all the themes to the right place - so you can install most of the extra community themes (which didn't make it into Lucid) in a matter of seconds. Read on!

PulseAudio Mixer Applet Lets You Change The Volume Of Individual Applications From The Gnome Panel

pulseaudio mixer applet

Pulseaudio Mixer Applet is a small applet for the GNOME panel which you can use to easily change the volume of individual applications. It can be used as a replacement for the default volume applet.

Even though Pulseaudio Mixer Applet is not exactly beautifully designed (because it pops up a huge dialog with the applications currently using PulseAudio), it can be very useful.

Besides the individual applications volume feature, the applet also allows you to change the default input and output devices, and move application audio streams to different devices.

Order Your Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Free CDs [ShipIt]

ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx cd cover

Even though a lot of blogs wrote about ShipIt being open for some time, actually upon login you would get a "Shipit is currently closed" message.

But since a few minutes ago, Ubuntu ShipIt - a service by Canonical which provides free Ubuntu CDs everywhere in the world - is now open.

Please note: if you have a good Internet connection and a CD/DVD RW, don't order the CD as someone else might actually need it.

This being said, you can order your free Ubuntu 10.04 CD @ https://shipit.ubuntu.com

Kubuntu ShipIt is also available in case you want to order Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Visit https://shipit.kubuntu.org/

[Special thanks to UbuCentrum for the heads up!]

Update: VLC 1.1.0 Pre2 and Ubuntu 9.10 / 10.04

A small update on the latest VLC 1.1.0 Pre2. Because Ubuntu packages libx264 with the version in the package name, I had to rename it to make VLC 1.1.0 work, remove libx264-83. See the initial post (which has been updated).

If you got a dependency error, I apologise but everything should work fine after you remove libx264-83 (only those who installed VLC last night and got an update today should have this issue) - then you can install VLC 1.1.0 Pre2. I am a bit angry myself because of these versions in the name for some packages - they are a nightmare.

Note: if you didn't upgrade to VLC 1.1.0 Pre2 last night or this morning, ignore this - everything should be ok.

For any issues related to the WebUpd8 PPA, you can contact me by email.

Install VLC 1.1.0 Pre2 In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic And 10.04 Lucid Via PPA Repository

vlc 1.1.0

Update: This post is no longer valid. See: How To Install VLC 1.1.0 (Final) In Ubuntu From A PPA (deb)

VLC Media Player 1.1.0 Pre 2 was released a few days ago and today I finally had some time to package it and upload it to the WebUpd8 PPA.

Ubuntu 10.04 will be released in a few days but unfortunately VLC 1.1.0 won't be officially available until Ubuntu 10.10 so installing it from a PPA (or compiling it yourself) is the only way to use the latest VLC Media Player in Ubuntu.

Let me remind you how to install VLC 1.1.0 Pre 2 in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx from the WebUpd8 PPA repository (which is probably the only repository with VLC 1.1.0 packages):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

If you've never installed VLC from the WebUpd8 PPA, this is not required:
Then, make sure you remove the "libx264-83" package as I've created a new one called libx264-94 because apparently Ubuntu packages this by using the version in the package name:
sudo apt-get remove vlc #just to make sure nothing breaks
sudo apt-get remove libx264-83

Then install VLC 1.1.0:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc

Along with VLC, x264 has also been updated to the latest version and comes with a Blu-Ray encoder, according to Phoronix.

Remember, these are experimental builds so there will be bugs! Also, things might break as this is an experimental PPA. You have been warned!

Update: I've removed the VLC, packages from the WebUpd8 PPA since it caused too many issues. VLC 1.1.0 will be built in a new PPA (but not right now) which will only be used for VLC! This means the packages in the WebUpd8 ppa are now more stable. To continue using the PPA and/or to remove the VLC packages installed from this PPA, use PPA Purge. Then you can re-add the WebUpd8 PPA if you want.

Last Week's Top Posts (Week 16, 2010)

Bisigi Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Themes Move To The Stable PPA; More News

bisigi themes

bisigi themesbisigi themes
bisigi themesbisigi themes

The beautiful Bisigi themes were available for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx users in a testing PPA. Well, today the themes have moved to the main PPA.

Update: Gloobus Preview PPA For Ubuntu 10.04

This is just a small update: there are now Lucid packages available in the Gloobus Preview PPA. The post on Gloobus Preview for Ubuntu 10.04 has been updated.

Lubuntu (w/ LXDE) 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 3 Available For Download

lubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx beta 3

Lubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 3 is available for download. Why beta 3 instead of RC you may ask. Here is why:

The status of this final release is not determined yet ("beta stable", "rc final"), that's why its a beta and not a RC like other *buntu. However, final release is still planned for the end of this month, or in very early May.

How To Install Gloobus Preview In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx [PPA Now Available]


Gloobus Preview is a Gnome application based on Apple’s “Quicklook”, designed to enable a full screen preview of any kind of file. Gloobus currently supports the following files:

Images: jpeg / png / icns / bmp / svg / gif / psd / xcf
Documents: pdf / cbr / cbz / doc / xls / odf / ods / odp / ppt
Source: c++ / c# / java / javascript / php / xml / log / sh / python
Audio: mp3 / ogg / midi / 3gp / wav
Video: mpg /avi / ogg / 3gp / mkv / flv
Other: folders / ttf / srt / plain-text

I didn't try all the extensions mentioned above, however I did try a GIMP .xcf file and for some reason it didn't work. But it did work for images, avi, flv, folders, mp3, archive and so on.

gloobus preview mp3

Gloobus Preview has a PPA for Ubuntu Karmic, but unfortunately there are no packages for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx so to install it, you need to compile it. Read on!

The Gloobus Preview PPA has just been updated with Ubuntu 10.04 packages! Read on!

Before proceeding to installing Gloobus Preview in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, here is a video I've just recorded with Gloobus Preview in action:

X.Org Memory Leak Bug In Ubuntu 10.04: Fix Released


In our Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Release Candidate post, we were telling you about a major X.Org Memory Leak bug. Well, apparently the bug has been fixed and an update was released.

The bug has not been confirmed as fixed by everybody testing so it will be interesting to see if there are still computers affected by this bug.

Besides the X.Org Memory Leak bug (marked as critical), 2 other bugs were fixed with this update: #565903 (medium) and #550218 (high).

The Minitube Developer Is Working On A New Music Player For Linux Called Minitunes

minitunes music player linux

The developer of Minitube, a Linux and Mac OS X YouTube player that doesn't require flash is working on another project called Minitunes - a music player.

Minitunes is still in it's infancy so don't expect too many features yet. The author describes it best:

Code quality is at a historic low, features are at best incomplete or completely broken. It may not compile, it may even move the window buttons on the left, no wait that’s another story.

Even so, Minitunes already looks amazing, as you can see in a video I've just recorded:

Nautilus Elementary Breadcrumbs For Any Theme

WebUpd8 reader gnaag (amazing hack, thank you very much!) created a hack to use breadcrumbs in Nautilus Elementary 2.30 with any theme:

nautilus elementary breadcrumbs

Install Nautilus Elementary 2.30 Via PPA Repository [Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Only]

nautilus elementary

We already covered Nautilus Elementary and how to install it in Lucid but the instructions in that post required you to compile it.

But starting a few minutes ago, Nautilus Elementary 2.30 is available to install for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx users via a PPA repository. To install it simply paste this in a terminal:

Best Linux BitTorrent Client

It's time for a new weekly poll. For this week you can vote for the best Linux BitTorrent client (thanks to sikku for the suggestion!).

The contenders are (in no special order): rTorrent, qBittorrent, KTorrent, Deluge Torrent and Transmission.

Vote for the Linux BitTorrent application which you find to be the best:

As always, remember you can vote for a different application by selecting "Other" and entering your favourite BitTorrent application. Also, don't forget to leave a comment telling us (and the readers) why you like a certain Linux Bittorrent client as well as suggest an application not present in the 5 we've picked.

Cairo Dock Gets A New Default Theme For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx [Video]

cairo dock ubuntu 10.04 lucid screenshot

Cairo Dock (also known as GLX-Dock) is an application which provides a dock, a taskbar, and many applets that can be placed either inside the dock or on your desktop, at your convenience ! It uses Cairo / OpenGL to render nice graphics with hardware acceleration, which makes it very smooth and low on CPU. It's highly customisable and comes with a lot of ready-to-use themes.

Speaking of docks, a recent update to Cairo Dock brings a new default theme for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The theme is also available in the Cairo Dock official repository and you can preview it in the video below:

Poll Results: Best Linux Dock

So, what dock do the WebUpd8 readers consider to be the best? Read on to find out...

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Release Candidate Is Out [See What's New]

ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx Release Candidate is available for download.

There aren't many visual changes since Beta 2, however we're going to cover this few changes anyway.

Note: If you've installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha, Beta 1 or 2 and kept upgrading, you already have all the changes in this post.

UNP Extracts Any Archive Via Command Line [Quick Linux Tip]

Here's a quick tip which many will find very handy. UNP is a small script which makes it very easy to extract almost any archive via command line. If you can't remember the command to extract tar.gz, rar and so on, you will love unp.

Install JDownloader Via PPA Repository [Ubuntu]


JDownloader is a a java-based tool that completely automates the downloading process. It can be very helpful for websites such as Rapidshare.com or Megaupload.com for both premium and free users.

Among JDownloader features are: captcha recognition, multi-part downloads, tweak wait times, auto-reconnect, scheduler and even automatic file extraction. JDownloader has way too many features and plugins to list them here, so make sure you check it out if you haven't already!

I recently came across an Ubuntu Launchpad PPA repository for JDownloader and wanted to share it with WebUpd8 readers.

File Publishing (Share Files With Anyone) And Sync Any Folder Coming To Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One started as a simple cloud sync with only a few features but it's slowly becoming an amazing application! After getting integration with the Ubuntu Music Store, Firefox bookmarks sync and mobile phones sync support, 2 new features have been announced today.

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Wallpapers Are Saved in Lucid After All

ubuntu karmic wallpapers in lucid

When Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx got new wallpapers about a week ago, all the Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic wallpapers which were still present in Lucid at this point, were removed.

But today, the Karmic wallpapers were saved (freeze exception) and repackaged into "ubuntu-wallpapers-extra" so you can install in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx by simply pasting this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-wallpapers-extra

Please note that you need to enable the Universe repository to be able to install the above package.

Alternatively, you can download the .deb file or an archive with all these wallpapers.

FreeDC++ Is A Fork Of LinuxDC++ With Many Useful Changes


In the same PPA as EiskaltDC++ there's another, some might consider better Direct Connect client for Linux called FreeDC++.

FreeDC++ is a fork of LinuxDC++ with many useful changes - which make it a great replacement for StrongDC and other such Windows Direct Connect clients.

The most important features are: Magnet links support, themes (including smileys), animated status icon and of course, all the other features you would expect in a Direct Connect client.

Ubuntu Sources List Generator Available For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

Ubuntu Sources List Generator is now available for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

What is Ubuntu Sources List Generator? It is a website where you can generate a sources.list file with a lot of useful repositories. Besides the usual Ubuntu main, restricted, universe, multiverse, updates and so on you can choose from many others such as repositories for: AWN, Ailurus, Banshee, Cairo Dock, Chromium, Deluge, GetDeb, Ubuntu Mozilla Daily, OpenShot, Skype, Pidgin, PlayDeb, PlayOnLinux, SMPlayer, Terminator, Ubuntu Tweak, XBMC and many more.

Java Update Script For Ubuntu - Version 0.2b

Bruce Ingalls sent us a new and much improved version of his Java Update script for Ubuntu. The script uses Zenity for a GUI so it's very easy to use.

Initially the script only updated JDK (which included JRE), but now can also update Java Runtime Environment separately.

KDropbox - Use Dropbox In KDE (.rpm And .deb Available)


KDropbox is an application which offers almost the same features as the official Dropbox Linux application, but works on KDE.

KDropbox features:
  • Dropbox status
  • Open Dropbox folder
  • Preferences editor
  • Open help URLs
  • English, Polish (by Mateusz Piekos) and Spanish translations

How To Change The SUDO Password Time-out In Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

The first time you run a command with "sudo" in Ubuntu, you are asked for a password but after running one more command with "sudo" (after a short while), you are not prompted for a password again. That's because "sudo" has a default password time-out (I'm not sure how long it takes to expire though).

Here is a quick tip to set the exact time-out for "sudo" password remembering in Ubuntu. Open a terminal and type:

KernelCheck Fixed .Deb Download [Ubuntu / Debian]

kernelcheck ubuntu

KernelCheck is a a program that automatically compiles and installs the latest Kernel for Debian based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.).

Last Week's Top Posts (Week 15, 2010)

Medibuntu Repository Down - What To Do?

Medibuntu (Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu) is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons (copyright, license, patent, etc).

Just when I was about to publish the "What To Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install Script - New Version Released" post, I noticed that the Medibuntu main server is down. So I search for some mirrors.

Note: medibuntu.org is working, just packages.medibuntu.org is not

This wouldn't have been a very big deal normally, but with Ubuntu 10.04 final release due in a few days, a lot of people are upgrading to Lucid and they need Medibuntu.

I fixed this in the script by adding 3 mirrors, but here is how to manually fix it:

What To Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install Script For Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

ubuntu 10.04 start scriptubuntu 10.04 start script

A new version of "What to do after installing Ubuntu? Run this script!" has been released. The script now has an actual name: "Ubuntu 10.04 Start".

For those who've used the first release of the script: since a few versions ago, you can select which applications to install and which tweaks to apply from this script so if there's something you don't like, all you have to do is not select it!

Instead of a changelog, I'm going to list all the features again:

  • Adds extra repositories: Ubuntu restricted, extras, Medibuntu, Getdeb, Dropbox (only if you select to install Dropbox)

  • Installs from repositories: The GIMP, Pidgin, WINE, Choose between the best 3 docks for Linux (Docky, Cairo Dock and Avant Window Navigator), Install Google Earth, Bisigi Themes, Community themes (and extra community themes), Chromium browser, Gnome Do, Guake, VLC media player, Mplayer, SMplayer, Thunderbird, Dropbox, Codecs (multimedia, java, flash), additional archives support, DVD support and fonts, Ubuntu Tweak, Deluge Torrent, CompizConfig Settings Manager, Development tools (from build-essential to Subversion, GIT and so on).

  • Downloads and installs the following: Google Chrome browser (will download the build for 32 or 64 bit, depending on your Ubuntu version), official smiley themes for Pidgin (for all the protocols), the latest Flash Player for 64bit via Adobe's website, Skype (32 or 64bit, depending on your Ubuntu version).

  • Tweaks:

    • Move window buttons to the right (Karmic style)
    • Change Update Manager behavior to the one in Jaunty
    • Remove mounted drive icons from desktop
    • Disable the GDM login sound
    • Enable the icons in menus and buttons
    • Disable the GDM login user list
    • Remove the ubuntu-docs package (frees up 252MB)
    • Change Gnome Calendar first day of the week from Sunday to Monday
    • Downloads, installs and configure sharp fonts (starting with version 0.4.5: also installs sharp fonts for Firefox)
    • Fix 'apt-get update' delay for Google repository
    • Automatically mount NTFS drives on startup

  • Option to reset any changes made by the tweaks (tweaks only!) (stating with version 0.4.5)

  • Automatically accepts the JAVA and Google Earth license so you don't have to

  • The Medibuntu server is currently down which made me develop a new feature: the script now tests the main Medibuntu server and 2 other mirrors and adds whichever of these 3 is working.

  • Lots of checks to make sure you run the script proprely: will check if the script is ran as root, if Synaptic, apt-get, dpkg or Software Center is running and will ask you to close it before running the script, checks the internet connection to make sure you can actually install the packages, etc.

The new version also fixes lots of bugs from the previous version.

Talika Gnome Panel Applet Gets Pin To Panel, Window Previews, More


Talika is a gnome panel applet that lets you switch between open windows using icons, similar to DockBar or DockBarX.

Talika supports grouping of similar windows, middle click to close a window and the latest version(0.48) gets some more very interesting features:
  • Pin to panel support added
  • Windows preview support added
  • Option to use monochrome icons added
  • Some bugs fixed

Download Talika 0.48 from HERE. (Ubuntu 32bit and 64bit .deb files included).

How to Enable Direct2D Acceleration in Ubuntu [ATI Cards]

If you hear the term Direct2D, you are probably thinking of some outdated technology that preceded the Direct3D. That, however, is not true; Direct2D has only been introduced recently with Windows 7 and Server 2008. Although made by Microsoft, the Linux alternative shares the same name (well, almost; officially, it's Direct2DAccel). And yes, this is for X - not for Wine or anything like that.

What does Direct2DAccel do?

D2D enables graphic cards to do what we always wanted them to do – perform graphic tasks. Unless you are playing video games (probably not so much if you are using Linux), your graphic card's processor (GPU) doesn't do a whole lot – even when you are playing movies. That all made sense in the beginning, when GPU's power was 75-150 MHz. However, the GPUs nowadays are capable of running much faster than that and they hunger for jobs.

Install Nautilus Elementary (2.30) In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

nautilus elementary 2.30 ubuntu lucid

The simplified / elementary Nautilus idea firstly begun with the 100 paper cuts for Ubuntu Karmic and it stated that the menu and columns are too big and take away space for the really important stuff. Unfortunately, a fix was never released. Here is where Nautilus Elementary comes in: a Nautilus patched for simplicity.

About a week ago we were telling you that Nautilus Elementary 2.30 for Ubuntu 10.04 was in progress. Well, now you can finally install it.

What's new in Nautilus Elementary 2.30 for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

You can set the toolbar either vertical or horizontal:

nautilus elementary horizontal toolbar

Nautilus elementary 2.30 vertical toolbar

Nice looking breadcrumbs (needs a special gtkrc theme such as Elementary Mod)

Install GIMP Plugin Registry 3.1 In Ubuntu (The GIMP Plugin Package)

the gimp screenshot

GIMP Plugin Registry is a package with a lot of useful extensions for GIMP Image Editor. A new version has been released in Debian, bringing the following changes (as reported by bzed.de):

  • Added the amazing scripts from El Samuko:
    • Antique Photo Border Script
    • Che Guevara Script
    • Cyanotype Script
    • Difference Layer Script
    • Escape Line Script
    • Film Grain Script
    • First Photo Border Script
    • Lomo Script with Old Style Colors
    • Movie 300 Script
    • National Geographic Script
    • Obama "HOPE" Script
    • Rainy Landscape Script
    • Photochrom Script
    • Sprocket Hole Script
    • Sunny Landscape Script
    • Technicolor 2 Color Script
    • Technicolor 3 Color Script
    • Vintage Look Script
  • Included the X11 Mouce Curser (XMC) plugi
  • Removed the GREYStoration plugin. This plugin was superseded by the gimp-gmic plugin, which is built from the gmic source.
  • The following plugins were updated:
    • focus-blur
    • contactsheet
    • normalmap
    • save-for-web
    • seperate+

I don't know if or when the new package will arrive in Ubuntu Lucid (or Karmic), so I decided to upload it to the WebUpd8 PPA for easy installation.

Install GIMP Plugin Registry in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and 10.04 Lucid Lynx

2 Click Update For Ubuntu / Debian Based Systems [Bash Script]

2click update

2clickUpdate is a bash script which automates the update process on Ubuntu / Debian systems. The script doesn't just simply install the updates, but also cleans the downloaded packages (also removes orphaned packages) and so on.

The latest 2clickUpdate version also integrates Axel so the downloads are a lot faster then a normal update (using the same method as for "apt-fast").

gThumb Photo Manager 2.11.3 Released

gthumb 2.11.3

Speaking of gThumb, a new development version - 2.11.3 - has been released.

Changes in gThumb 2.11.3 since 2.11.2:

  • Added an "Export to disc" tool, to burn files to optical discs.
  • Added a Flickr importer and exporter.
  • Added a Facebook exporter.
  • Save web account passwords in the GNOME Keyring if available.
  • Added option to avoid to store metadata in files.
  • Added a thumbnail pane in viewer mode.
  • Read the image thumbnail from the embedded metadata if available.
  • Organize extensions in categories.
  • Added a fade effect to the slide transition.
  • Make shift-click select a range of consecutive files.
  • Use delete to move to trash and shift+delete to delete files.
  • Updated the user manual.

This new version should be available in the WebUpd8 PPA for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and 10.04 Lucid, in a few moments.

BleachBit 0.7.4 Released

bleachbit 0.7.4

BleachBit is an application which deletes unnecessary files to free valuable disk space and maintain privacy. Think of it as a CCleaner but which runs on Linux too (BleachBit works on both Windows and Linux).

BleachBit 0.7.4 was released today, brining the following changes:

  • BleachBit cleans its own settings for privacy
  • Use EIC binary prefixes (1KiB=1000 bytes)
  • Add Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) package
  • Clean WordPad
  • Shrink Windows installer by 500KiB
  • Fix many bugs

Download BleachBit 0.7.4 (binaries available for Windows, Linux - including Ubuntu .deb files and source files).

Fish Gives Super TAB Powers To Your Shell [Linux]


Fish is a user friendly command line shell. It features syntax highlighting, advanced tab completion features, discoverable help, a revised shell syntax and many other features.

Fish comes with a lot of features, but I find one feature truly amazing: tab completion for command line arguments, including explanations.

Example typing: "find -na", when pressing the TAB button completes it to "find name". Typing "find -a" and then pressing TAB will show all arguments that start with "-a" - and it also includes detailed explanations.

Here is a screenshot to understand better:

gThumb 2.11.x Removed From Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx; Latest Version Adds Facebook Export

gthumb screenshot

gThumb is a Linux photo manager which came in third place in our "Best Linux Photo Manager / Organizer" poll.

An update in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx yesterday reverted gThumb from 2.11.x to 2.10.11:

Revert to 2.10.11. It appears that 2.11.x series is not stable enough for an LTS with too many big changes. The new workflow isn't documented enough as well. (LP: #545871)

The package in Lucid is now called "gthumb_2.11.2.1.is.2.10.11-0ubuntu1".

This is a big hit to gThumb which adds a lot of amazing features in the latest 2.11.x series, such as Flickr and Picasaweb export support. Even more, the latest GIT build also includes a new extension to export photos to Facebook.

Install Miro 3.0.x In Ubuntu (Lucid, Karmic And Jaunty)

miro 3.0.1 ubuntu screenshot

Miro is a free/open source video player that automates subscribing to feeds of videos that are fetched down using Bittorrent and then played in a flexible player that supports practically every format. Miro works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Miro 3.0 was released recently and it launches 150% times faster than previous versions, also torrents download quicker than ever thanks to under-the-hood retooling. It also comes new features such as: subtitles, play files with an external player and a lot more.

Desktop Webmail Sets Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo As Default Mail Application In Ubuntu 10.04

While I prefer Gnome Gmail which comes with some more options (but it's only for Gmail), you can now use Desktop Webmail application in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid to set your email client as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Zoho instead of regular email clients such as Evolution or Thunderbird.

You can install Desktop Webmail in Ubuntu Lucid by simply pasting this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail

Then go to Applications > Internet > Desktop Webmail and set your web email service:

desktop webmail ubuntu 10.04

Finally, go to System > Preferences > Preferred Applications and under "Mail Reader", set Desktop Webmail:

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Gets New Wallpapers

The Ubuntu Wallpapers package in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx will be updated in a few minutes with the wallpapers from the community contest.

You can see all the wallpapers (and the Ubuntu 10.04 default wallpaper obviously) in the screenshot below:

ubuntu 10.04 wallpapers

A bit too many flowers I would say.

If you're using Ubuntu Lucid, an update should be available soon. But anyone can check out the new wallpapers by downloading THIS archive.

Ubuntu Script To Automatically Mount NTFS Drives On Startup

In the "Ubuntu 10.04 First Time Use Script 0.2 Released: It Now Comes With A GUI" post, it has been suggested in the comments to add an option to automatically mount NTFS drives on startup. The problem was that I didn't know how to do this using the command line, but I finally figured how to do it so I decided to release this as a separate script first. I will of course also add it to the "Ubuntu First Time Use Script" (a new version is coming very soon!).

xVideoServiceThief Downloads Video Clips From 76 Websites! [Ubuntu]

xvideothief screenshot

xVideoServiceThief (a.k.a xVST) is a Windows, Linux and Mac OS X tool for downloading your video clips from a lot of video websites.

Sure, there are lots of tools to download videos from YouTube, but how about the rest of video sharing websites? Well, xVideoServiceThief can download video clips from 76 websites (and counting), such as: YouTube, DailyMotion, CollageHumor, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace, Vimeo, Yahoo Videos, some adult websites and a lot more. A complete list of supported websites can be found HERE.

Besides downloading, xVideoServiceThief can also convert any downloaded video files to the desired video format, schedule automatic downloads, use proxies and more.

Best Linux Dock (Application Launcher)

It's time to vote!

In this week's poll, WebUpd8 readers can vote for the best Linux dock application.

Before voting, you may want to try all the 5 contenders: Avant Window Navigator (AWN), ADeskBar, Cairo Dock (also known as GLX Dock), Dockbar (including DockBarX) and Docky.

Here is the poll:

We keep getting comments like X or Y is better. Well, now it's time to see which one is the best!

You can chose a different result by selecting "Other answer" and then entering your favourite dock for Linux.

Don't forget to suggest other applications in the comments, as well as let us know why you like a certain app.

Download VLC 1.1.0 Pre1 And VideoLan Movie Creator (VLMC) 0.1 For Windows

VLC 1.1.0 comes with hardware acceleration, improved library and playlists, new UI and a lot more. An official changelog for VLC 1.1.0 is not available yet.

You can download VLC 1.1.0 Pre1 for Windows from HERE. Ubuntu users can install VLC 1.1.0 Pre1 from the WebUpd8 PPA.

You can also download VLMC (VideoLan Movie Creator) version 0.1 from HERE.

Please note that both VLC 1.1.0 Pre1 and VLMC are still in development so expect to find bugs!

Poll Results: Best Linux Photo Manager / Organizer

Firstly: thanks once again to all those who voted in our weekly poll.

Now, the results. The best Linux photo manager / organizer is...

Online Office In Ubuntu With Zoho Webservice

zoho presentation ubuntu 10.04 screenshot

Canonical developer Jamie Bennett presented a new project 2 days ago: Zoho Webservice, which is basically the online office suite Zoho (which comes with tools such as: Presentations, Spreadsheet and Word Processor), but with Ubuntu integration.

Zoho was chosen over Google Docs because it does not require the user to log in to use it, so using Zoho Webservice in Ubuntu, all you have to do is double click a file and read / edit it online. You can get online storage with Zoho if you do register, but if you choose not to you can still get a full featured experience.