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docky zeitgeist integration

Sure, Docky already had Zeitgeist integration but starting yesterday, the Zeitgeit integration got more cool then ever: the jump lists provide a list with "Most Used Items" which includes items from the last 2 weeks, and also "Other Recently Items".

While this new feature doesn't seem like much at first, use it and you will soon notice that basically almost all of the items you need are just one click away. Seif Lotfy has more info on this new (well, actually not new but upgraded) feature.

The "Most Used Items" and "Other Recently Items" features provided by Zeitgeist are available in the latest Docky build (as of today) from the Docky development PPA. See this post on adding the Docky development PPA (for Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid users).

To enable the Zeitgeist integration, firstly make sure you have Zeitgeist installed, and then simply go to Docky's settings and under the "Helpers" tab, enable "Zeitgeist integration":

docky zeitgeist integration

But this is not it. The Docky Zeitgeist integration will be improved further in the near future with an option to choose what to have in the "Recently and most used" jump list, as well as a new feature called "Frecency" which combines combines frequency and recency. Stay tuned!