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WebUpd8 reader gnaag (amazing hack, thank you very much!) created a hack to use breadcrumbs in Nautilus Elementary 2.30 with any theme:

nautilus elementary breadcrumbs

The installation is extremely easy, simply run the following commands in a terminal:
cd #this should take you to your home folder
wget http://gnaag.k2city.eu/nautilus-breadcrumbs-hack.tar.gz
tar -xvf nautilus-breadcrumbs-hack.tar.gz

Alternatively you can also manually download it and extract the contents to your home folder (make sure you copy the contents of the nautilus-breadcrumbs-hack folder directly into your home folder!).

Then set Nautilus Elementary to use Breadcrumbs by going to Edit > Preferences, on the Tweaks tab enable "Show like breadcrumbs":

nautilus elementary tweaks

Finally, you may need to restart Nautilus:
nautilus -q