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We've talked about Gnome Gmail a long time ago, and in case you don't remember what it can be used for, here it is: Gnome Gmail is an app which adds support for Gmail to the Linux Gnome Desktop. It allows Gmail to be selected as the default mail application for the desktop. Unlike other solutions on the net, Gnome Gmail supports "To:", "Subject:", "body", "CC:", and "BCC: fields, and is available in deb and rpm format.

Gnome Gmail v1.4 was released a couple of days ago and it brings file attachment support to Nautilus, meaning Nautilus "Sent To..." can be used to automatically upload an email with a file attachment, via IMAP, to your Gmail account. Mailto URL tag handling has also been improved in version 1.4.

Using Gnome Gmail is as easy as it gets: simply double click the .deb or .rpm file and install it, then go to System > Preferences > Preferred Applications and on the "Internet" tab, under "Mail Reader", select "Gmail":

gnome gmail

Download Gnome Gmail (.deb, .rpm and source files) | Homepage