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Firstly: thanks once again to all those who voted in our weekly poll.

Now, the results. The best Linux photo manager / organizer is...

not a Linux photo manager / organizer. Picasa, even though it's not a native Linux application, won the poll with 33% of the votes.

Here are the exact results:

best linux photo manager / organizer

On the second place comes digiKam with 22% and I guess we can name digiKam the best native Linux photo manager / organizer.

An interesting result for the third place: both gThumb and F-Spot got 16% (178 votes each) of the votes. I must say this is a bit of surprise, considering many reactions in the past blamed Ubuntu for including F-Spot as a default application (mostly because it uses MONO). Also, I really though gThumb would get a lot more votes.

On the 4th place comes Shotwell, which is a somewhat expected result since - even though Shotwell is a great application - it's relatively new.

Here are some other applications which also got some votes:
  • XnView (or XnViewMP): 7 votes
  • Gwenview: 6 votes
  • GeeQie: 5 votes
  • Fotoxx: 5 votes

The other apps got less then 5 votes.

The next WebUpd8 weekly poll should come later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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