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2click update

2clickUpdate is a bash script which automates the update process on Ubuntu / Debian systems. The script doesn't just simply install the updates, but also cleans the downloaded packages (also removes orphaned packages) and so on.

The latest 2clickUpdate version also integrates Axel so the downloads are a lot faster then a normal update (using the same method as for "apt-fast").

The 2clickUpdate (pronounced: double-click-update) using the power of “apt-get” speeds up the updating of the operating system and programs installed without bothering you with “trivial” confirmation messages. Also it cleans your disk of all waste generated by updating procedures.

Even though it's a script, 2clickUpdate comes with modules for different tasks:
  • ReApt: Updates your package list
  • SpeedApt: Downloads package upgrades using "axel" for multiple connections per package boosting the speed of downloading
  • AutoremApt: Removes packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for some package and that are no more needed.
  • OrphanApt: Removes packages and configuration files which are not required by any other package upon your system
  • AutocleanApt: Removes all stored archives in your cache for packages that are no longer in the repositories or that have a newer version in the repositories.
  • CleanApt: Deleting from cache the downloaded packages to free up some space

You can read more about the latest version of 2clickUpdate, HERE.

Download 2clickUpdate.

Special thanks to Salih Emin (the author of the script) for the tip and into!