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enqueue in Rhythmbox ubuntu nautilus

Linux users coming from Windows are most probably used to right clicking audio files and selecting "Enqueue in Winamp" so it is a bit annoying not to find a similar behavior in Linux.

But today I stumbled upon a Nautilus plugin which can enqueue audio files from Nautilus into Rhythmbox. The plugin isn't purfect but it works.

Here is what doesn't work:
  • cannot enqueue folders (only works for music files)
  • cannot enqueue some files due to special characters (I'm not sure exactly which characters)

To install the "Add To Rhythmbox Play Queue" Nautilus plugin in Ubuntu, simply paste this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install python-nautilus
wget http://seemanta.net/code/Nautilus_plugin/add-to-rhythmbox.py
mkdir ~/.nautilus/python-extensions
mv add-to-rhythmbox.py ~/.nautilus/python-extensions/
nautilus -q

Then open Rhythmbox and navigate to your music folder using Nautilus, select some audio files, right click them and select "Add To Rhythmbox Play Queue". The files should then be available in the Rhythmbox play queue:

rhythmbox 0.12.8

If you're using Audacious2, there is also a plugin for you which you can get from HERE. The rest of the setup is similar to the Rhythmbox Nautilus plugin explained in this post. However, please note that I did not test the "Add to Audacious Play Queue" plugin!

Update: a new version of this plugin has been released. See: Nautilus "Enqueue In Rhythmbox" Plugin Updated, Can Now Add Folders Recursively

Credits for the "Add To Rhythmbox Play Queue" Nautilus plugin: Seemanta.net