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nautilus elementary 2.30 ubuntu lucid

The simplified / elementary Nautilus idea firstly begun with the 100 paper cuts for Ubuntu Karmic and it stated that the menu and columns are too big and take away space for the really important stuff. Unfortunately, a fix was never released. Here is where Nautilus Elementary comes in: a Nautilus patched for simplicity.

About a week ago we were telling you that Nautilus Elementary 2.30 for Ubuntu 10.04 was in progress. Well, now you can finally install it.

What's new in Nautilus Elementary 2.30 for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

You can set the toolbar either vertical or horizontal:

nautilus elementary horizontal toolbar

Nautilus elementary 2.30 vertical toolbar

Nice looking breadcrumbs (needs a special gtkrc theme such as Elementary Mod)

nautilus elementary breadcrumbs

A new gadget: view_switcher mini widget:

nautilus elementary mini view switcher

nautilus elementary view switcher

You can now tweak Nautilus Elementary from within Nautilus: simply go to Edit > Preferences, on the "Tweaks" tab. Note: only new Nautilus windows will have the new settings (which you apply under the "Tweaks" tab), so simply open a new Nautilus window to use the new settings:

nautilus elementary tweaks tab

Nautilus Elementary 2.30 for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx also comes with all the tweaks that were in Karmic such as RGBA, "F8" to toggle the menu bar and so on. The one thing missing for now is the ClutterFlow view.

How to install Nautilus Elementary 2.30 in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

nautilus elementary 2.30 ubuntu 10.04 LTS lucid lynx

Nautilus Elementary 2.30 is not yet available in any PPAs, but the compilation process is very easy. Simply paste the following commands in a terminal:

bzr branch lp:nautilus-elementary
sudo apt-get install build-essential intltool
sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus
cd nautilus-elementary/
./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install

To enable RGBA transparency in Nautilus, please remember that it only works with themes which use the Murrine Engine (Ambiance, Radiance, Elementary, Airlines from the Bisigi themes and so on). Also, you need to enable RGBA in the theme settings. To do this, open nautilus as root:
sudo nautilus
Then navigate to /usr/share/themes and for the theme you want to enable RGBA transparency for, navigate to the gtk-2.0 folder, open the "gtkrc" file with a text editor, search for "rgba" and change it from "false" to "true.

Update: there is now a PPA repository available for Nautilus Elementary 2.30 (for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx).

Thanks to ammonkey for the news and 2 of the screenshots in this post.