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KDropbox is an application which offers almost the same features as the official Dropbox Linux application, but works on KDE.

KDropbox features:
  • Dropbox status
  • Open Dropbox folder
  • Preferences editor
  • Open help URLs
  • English, Polish (by Mateusz Piekos) and Spanish translations

KDropbox comes with .rpm and .deb packages for Mandriva, Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian and Ubuntu (and derivates).

KDropbox requires the official Dropbox daemon to run. Step by step installation instructions for both the official Dropbox daemon as well as KDropbox (and KDropbox download) can be found @ KDropbox website.

Note: I didn't test this application since I don't use KDE.

[Special thanks to UbuntizandoElPlaneta for the tip; Image credits: KDropbox website]