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gthumb 2.11.3

Speaking of gThumb, a new development version - 2.11.3 - has been released.

Changes in gThumb 2.11.3 since 2.11.2:

  • Added an "Export to disc" tool, to burn files to optical discs.
  • Added a Flickr importer and exporter.
  • Added a Facebook exporter.
  • Save web account passwords in the GNOME Keyring if available.
  • Added option to avoid to store metadata in files.
  • Added a thumbnail pane in viewer mode.
  • Read the image thumbnail from the embedded metadata if available.
  • Organize extensions in categories.
  • Added a fade effect to the slide transition.
  • Make shift-click select a range of consecutive files.
  • Use delete to move to trash and shift+delete to delete files.
  • Updated the user manual.

This new version should be available in the WebUpd8 PPA for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and 10.04 Lucid, in a few moments.