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So, what dock do the WebUpd8 readers consider to be the best? Read on to find out...

best linux dock
The official results can also be seen HERE

Docky got an amazing head start, but it's initial 60% slowly fade away. Docky still won the poll with 36.54% (558 votes), but only by 11 votes (less then 1%) from the second place, Avant Window Navigator (AWN). This most definitely has something to do with the fact that the poll was featured in the sidebar - so besides the WebUpd8 subscribers who probably voted in the beginning (~60% of them choosing Docky), there were a lot of votes by occasional users coming from search engines and so on. What does that mean? While most Linux / Ubuntu geeks (WebUpd8 subscribers) prefer Docky, the average user is more of a Avant Window Navigator fan. And Cairo Dock too, because Cairo Dock also got quite a few votes in the end (297 - 19.45%).

Dockbar (including DockBarX) got 4.26% of votes while ADeskBar only 0.65%.

In the "Other answer" votes were also mentioned: Wbar - 5 votes, Talika - 4 votes, the rest getting just one vote.

The next weekly poll should be out tomorrow or the day after. We're not really sure on what it should be, so leave a comment if you have an interesting weekly poll idea (application).