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Here's a quick tip which many will find very handy. UNP is a small script which makes it very easy to extract almost any archive via command line. If you can't remember the command to extract tar.gz, rar and so on, you will love unp.

Basically to use unp, all you have to do is type:
unp your_archive
Where "your_archive" can be: rar, zip, tar.gz, deb, tar.gz2, rpm and so on. You can even use unp extract multiple archive types in the same time:
unp *.tar.gz, unp *.tar.bz, unp *.rpm, unp *.deb, unp *.zip, unp *.rar

Install unp

In Ubuntu, to install unp, simply paste this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install unp

For other Linux distributions, search for "unp" in your package manager - it should be available in the official repositories.

Thanks to WebUpd8 reader RKV for the tip (oldie, but only today I remembered to write about it).