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dockbarx 0.24

DockBarX 0.24 has been released. In case you don't know, DockbarX is a taskbar with grouping and group manipulation.

DockBarX 0.24 features a new "pin to taskbar" (ok, it's actually "pin to Gnome Panel", but I wanted to make sure you understand what I mean from the title =) ) option for running applications which a lot of people were probably waiting for.

Here are all DockBarX 0.24 new features:

A new launcher system (inspried by Aleksey's elegant launcher system from vanilla dockbar):
- When you add a launcher by dragging a application from gnome menu you no longer have to enter a resource class name, dockbarx guesses it.
- If dockbarx isn't able to guess the resource class name of a launcher correctly a "right click" menu option "Edit resource name" is added so that you manually edit the resource class name.
- You can add launchers by pinning running applications via the "right click" menu (works for most applications, if the options are missing for an application you can still make a launcher by dragging the icon from gnome menu and manually edit the resource class name.)
- The launchers information are now stored in gconf instead for in the file ~/.dockbarx/launchers.list. This will hopefully be a bit more stable.
- Some bugs in the launcher system are fixed. Some launchers that failed to be created or failed to launch it's application in previous versions should work now.

Other features:
- A new theme "Human Bar" by bigRZA is included.
- Dockbarx should now use slightly less memory (not that much though).
- Keyboard shortcuts added for the "right click" menus.

Bug fixes:
- Dockbarx preference window crashed because of a stupid typo when using workspace mode 'ignore'.
- Dockbarx was freezing when the orientation of the applet changed.

To install DockBarX in Ubuntu, see our previous post about DockBarX and Namebar. For other Linux distributions, see DockBarX gnome-look page.

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