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ubuntu 10.04 start multilingual

That's right, in less than 24 hours since we asked for your help to translate Ubuntu Start, version 0.4.8 has been released and it now supports multiple languages.

So what is Ubuntu 10.04 Start? The main purpose of this script is to speed up configuring Ubuntu 10.04 immediately after you've just installed it. This includes both installing popular applications and codecs as well as fixing some annoyances in Ubuntu 10.04.

I decided to release it now even though there are still translations to be done because many people will need it since Ubuntu 10.04 will be released today. Once I receive new translations, I will add them to the script as soon as I can.

Supported languages so far:
  • Czech - Translation submitted by clever fox
  • German - Translation submitted by Sebastian
  • French - Translation submitted by astromb
  • Slovak - Translation submitted by enjoy
  • Spanish - Translation submitted by Vicente. Also many thanks to CokiDVD and Ezequiel
  • Italian translation by Lippol94 (http://lippolweblog.wordpress.com), Santiago (www.uielinux.org)
  • Polish translation by buczyw. Also many thanks to Jacek
  • Japanese translation by Yuya Saito (http://ubuntu.studiomohawk.com/)
  • Dutch translation by Raoul
  • Portuguese (PT) translation by FatGiant
  • Malaysian translation by akmalhisyam (http://fossmalaya.com)
  • Galician translation by Jose Basalo
  • Turkish translation by bsod1 (http://www.osa1.net)
  • Korean translation by J.Park
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation by Benjamim and lau
  • Catalan translation by Joan Padrosa
  • Estonian translation by Magnus
  • Simplified Chinese translation by Iven Day
  • Bahasa Indonesia translation by antok
  • Asturian translation by iñigo
  • Romanian translation
  • Slovenian translation by kv1dr, summerb0y
  • Arabic translation by sub7ei
  • Swedish language by Abhijit
  • Traditional Chinese translation by Robert D. Wei
  • Vietnamese translation by Duy Thang
  • Urdu translation by Shoaib Mirza
  • Danish translation: Lars S. Hansen
  • Latvian translation by Linards Liepiņš (https://www.launchpad.net/~linards-liepins)
  • Russian translation by XRain - http://xrain.pp.ru/
  • Lithuanian translation by Edmundas Ciucko

All these translations have been done in less than 24 hours. That's simply amazing! Once again, many thanks to everyone who helped or will help translate Ubuntu Start into their own language!

NOTE: All the tweaks in this script are optional, meaning you can select to only apply some of the tweaks.

Fore more info on Ubuntu 10.04 start, see: What To Do After A Fresh Ubuntu Install Script.

Here is the changelog for the last 3 releases (in case you didn't check out Ubuntu Start lately):

#added Docky, Cairo Dock and AWN in a separate dialog
#made Google Earth installation autoaccept the license so the user doesn't have to interact with the terminal
#multiple language support; current languages: Czech, Spanish, French, German, Slovak, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese (PT), Malaysian, Galician, Korean
#changed the way the current logged in user is detected; this should hopefully fix multiple accounts issues

#added extra themes (community themes and bisigi themes)
#added Google Earth

#added extra Compiz plugins to install
#added Getdeb mirror
#code optimizations

#Added reset options for the tweaks
#Changed the way day of the week from Sunday to Monday works - it now asks the user to enter his locale.

Download (and how to use) Ubuntu 10.04 Start Script

To download and run the script, paste this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install zenity
wget http://launchpad.net/ubuntustart/0.4.x/0.4.9/+download/ubuntu-10.04-start-
tar -xvf ubuntu-10.04-start-
cd ubuntu-10.04-start/
sudo ./ubuntu-10.04-script

Alternatively, manually download it from here.

Then you will be able to select your language and continue with the tweaks and installing the applications you want.

Important note: if the script doesn't start due to some unrecognised characters in some languages, uncomment line 51 from the script, meaning you'll have to remove the "#" in front of this line:
#export LC_CTYPE="en_US.UTF-8"

I've tested the script without it in Lucid and it worked just fine, but on very customized installs it might not work so use that if the script doesn't start.

Want to help translate Ubuntu 10.04 Start script into your language? See THIS post.

Note: the script was updated several times to include the latest translations you've sent me.

If you encounter bugs, please post a comment or submit them here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntustart