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  1. Limit CPU Usage By Process [Linux]
  2. Linux Unified Kernel Reaches Version 0.2.4
  3. TED (Torrent Episode Downloader): Download Your Favourite TV Series Episodes via RSS & Torrents
  4. Pyjama for Linux: Listen to Free Music
  5. Gimp FX Foundry: 115 Scripts Ready for Gimp 2.6
  6. JDownloader 0.5.859 - New Interface, Firefox Addon and Many other Changes
  7. Advanced Gnome Menu (AGM)
  8. How to Install the Latest PulseAudio (0.9.15) in Ubuntu Jaunty
  9. Install VLC 1.0 RC in Ubuntu (from a PPA Repository)
  10. Click'n'Backup or How Mandriva Made a Fool Out of Ubuntu One

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