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"Python Jamendo Audio" or Pyjama is a python / GTK audio streaming application, which is thought to bring the free Jamendo - music on your PC. You can browse through artists and albums, mark your favorite songs and create playlists.

Pyjama is designed to make exploring of the Jamendo music - archive more comfortable: it's going to bring free music right on your desktop. At the same time it presents links to Jamendo's albums and artists all the time, so you can get additional infos, post comments and use all the other usefull community functions on Jamendo.
Pyjama is NOT giving you endless lists of artists, albums and tracks which make it all but impossible to discover something one might like. Instead of that it sorts all the albums on Jamendo at your wish (or actually at the criteria given by Jamendo).

Following features are already implemented:
* sorting of albums by date, downloads, listeners, rating of the week, rating of the month, overall rating..
* showing albums by tag
* pagination
* searching of artists, albums and tracks
* album and artist- view, presenting covers and images, other albums and additional informations
* links to artist and album pages on Jamendo
* caching of all Jamendo data in order to save bandwith and resources
* local Jamendo database to speed up queries
* history function as in your webbrowser
* support for GTK themes
* integrated playlist
* download and install jamendo database dumps and gtk themes via script
* easy downloading the whole album via torrent
* plugin support
* multi language support (only english, french and german done yet)

You can download Pyjama from here (including Ubuntu .deb files).