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There are lots of scripts to the Gimp, which simplifies your image editing. Gimp FX Foundry has merged a whole lot of different scripts to a collection and where you will find the most you will ever need for your image editing.

Gimp FX Foundry now includes 115 scripts and ready for Gimp 2.6. It is easy to install and you receive a fully self dropdown menu where all the different scripts are broken down logically so that it is easy to find just the script that you need at the moment. Remember to make a copy of the layer before you start using filters so you always can go back to the original picture.

You will also find plenty other scripts in Gimp Registry. A useful script that is not in the FX Foundry is the High Pass Sharpen. I will come back to that Script later and make you understand how and when you can use that to really lift your photos.

How to install scripts in GIMP:


Download the file to C:\Documents and Settings\ <yourname> \.gimp-2.6\scripts


1. User: Download the file to ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts
2. Global: Download the file to /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts

Then in GIMP: Filters » Script-Fu » Refresh Scripts