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Ever since the launch of Ubuntu One there has been a lot of speculation about it.. Unlike other Ubuntu/Canonical offering Ubuntu One didn't received good response from audience..There are many reasons for it..
  1. Ubuntu One / Launchpad is still not fully open..
  2. Ubuntu One is restricted only to Ubuntu to Ubuntu sync, making it inaccessible for other distro and OS users..
  3. Ubuntu One offers high cost for 10Gb ...
Seeing all the response from audience Mandriva SA came with shrewd alternative and hit the nail at the right time.. Mandriva Click'n'Backup has quite a few advantages over Ubuntu One..
  1. Source Code is not available for studying atm.. But hopefully will be available soon.
  2. It is available for all Operating system, be it Windows or Mac or whole range of Linux.. no restrictions for any users..
  3. Offers better solution that Ubuntu one at lower price...

web upd8
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Click 'n' Backup is aimed against Canonical Ubuntu One and offers much better features and expandibilty .. Even if you are using Ubuntu you can try Click 'n' Backup and sync you data easily which is not the case with Ubuntu One..
  • You can easily select the content you wish to back up,
  • Schedule your backups however you like: automatically or on request,
  • Only modified elements are backed up, so you save backing-up time,
  • Restore your data in just a few clicks.

web upd8

System Requirements :
  • Mandriva 2008.1 or later , any Linux distro , MS windows, Mac OSX.
  • A Web Browser
  • A capable Internet connection for uploading files