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Code Editor `Brackets` 1.9 Released, Available In PPA

Brackets is a free, open source code editor focused on front-end web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

The application, which was originally developed by Adobe, is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Brackets editor Linux

GNOME 3.24 Released, See What`s New

GNOME 3.24 desktop

After being in development for six months, GNOME 3.24 was released today, bringing improvements such as Night Light, weather information in the date / time indicator, along with updates to its applications, and more.

Qt5 Quick Launcher `Albert` 0.10 Adds New MPRIS And SSH Extensions, More

Albert, a Qt5 quick launcher, was updated to version 0.10.0 (and then 0.10.1 to fix some issues), introducing completion using the Tab key, two new extensions, and more.

Albert quick launcher

Fix Dropbox Indicator Menu Not Working In Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus (Unity)

Update: this issue was fixed (thanks Martin), although you may still encounter it in other applications.

The Dropbox indicator is broken in Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus (currently in beta): the menu doesn't work and Dropbox uses a different icon, probably because it tries to use the tray instead of the indicator.

Dropbox indicator menu bug Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus

Streamlink Twitch GUI 1.2.0 Adds Support For Communities And Team Pages, Basic Hotkeys

Streamlink Twitch GUI (previously Livestreamer Twitch GUI) is a multi-platform Twitch.tv browser.

The application is powered by Node.js, Chromium and Streamlink, though it can still use Livestreamer (which is no longer maintained) too.

Streamlink Twitch GUI

Using it, you can easily browse Twitch.tv and open streams in your favorite video player, like VLC, Totem, mpv and others.

Rclone 1.36 Released With SFTP And Local Symlinks Support, More

cloud storage

Rclone 1.36 was released recently, bringing support for SFTP, local symbolic links support, mount improvements, along with many other new features and bug fixes.

For those not familiar with Rclone, this is a cross-platform command line tool for synchronizing files and folders to multiple cloud storages, which supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Yandex Disk, and more.

Terminix Terminal Emulator Renamed To Tilix, Sees New Bugfix Release

[Quick update] Terminix, a GTK3 tiling terminal emulator, has been renamed to Tilix due to some trademark issues.

Tilix terminal emulator

Automatically Organize Your Downloads Folder In Linux Using `Classifier` (Command Line)

My downloads folder is pretty messy but I can't just delete things because I still need most of the stuff I download. To "fix" this, I was looking for an app that can automatically organize my downloads, and I stumbled upon Classifier, an easy to use command line tool that can organize files in any directory.

Here's an example - on the left there's a folder which contains various file types (images, archives, documents, etc.) and on the right it's a folder that contains the exact same files as the folder on the left, but after running Classifier to organize it (into folders):

classifier organize folder

`PB For Desktop`: Cross-Platform Desktop App For Pushbullet (Supports Android Notification Mirroring On Linux Desktops)

KDE Connect (with KDE Connect Indicator for Unity and other desktops that support AppIndicators) is great for integrating Android devices with your desktop. However, KDE Connect depends on quite a few KDE packages, which some users don't want to install on their GTK-based desktops.

An alternative to KDE Connect is Pushbullet. While the free version has some limitations and it doesn't offer all the features available with KDE Connect, it does provide options to send files up to 25MB, send messages from your desktop (limited to 100/month in the free version, and a storage cap of 2GB) and most importantly, it can mirror your phone's notifications on the desktop.

Note that Pushbullet requires both the Android device and desktop to be connected to the Internet, but they don't have to be in the same network.

Todo Indicator Fork Adds Context Filtering [Quick Update]

Todo Indicator is an AppIndicator to for todo.txt-style todo lists. The indicator displays the list of tasks from a todo.txt file and lets you mark tasks as done directly from the indicator.

The original Todo Indicator was last updated back in May, 2014, so WebUpd8 reader William decided to fork it and add a new feature: filtering based on a specific context or project. Furthermore, indicator was updated to work with either Python 2 or Python 3.

Fix VirtualBox 5.1.x Focus Issues On GNOME Desktops (Not Being Able To Move VM Windows In GNOME Shell, Clicking On Indicators In Unity)

If you use VirtualBox 5.1.x with a GNOME desktop (GNOME Shell, Unity and possibly other GTK-based desktops as well), you may have noticed that there are some focus-related issues:
  • in GNOME Shell (host), virtual machine windows can't be moved unless clicking on another window, then moving the virtual machine window;
  • in GNOME Shell (host), the Activities Overview can't be accessed if a virtual machine is focused;
  • in Unity (host), clicking on an indicator while a virtual machine is focused results in the indicator menus not being displayed.

Here's a screenshot showing what happens in Unity when indicators are clicked while a VirtualBox 5.1.x virtual machine is focused:

VirtualBox indicators focus bug Unity

Meteo Qt Is A Nice Qt5 Weather Tray Application

Meteo Qt is a tray application that displays the current weather temperature on the panel, with a 6-day forecast easily accessible from its menu. 

MeteoQt Kubuntu
Meteo Qt in Kubuntu 17.04

The application is based on Python 3 and Qt 5, and while it is aimed at Qt-based desktops (like KDE Plasma or LXQt), it works pretty well on GTK-based desktops as well (either as a tray or as an AppIndicator).

Import Your Geotagged Photos In Google Earth With Mapollage (KML File Generator)

Mapollage is a Java tool that can be used to put your geotagged photos on the map by creating an KML file that can be used with Google Earth.

mapollage google earth

Here's a quick demo of a KML file I created using Mapollage, loaded in Google Earth for Linux:

mapollage google earth

Firefox 52 Released With WebAssembly Support, Removes NPAPI Plugins Other Than Flash (Java, Silverlight)

Firefox 52 was released today and it includes two major changes: support for WebAssembly and the removal of support for NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API) plugins like Silverlight, Java, and others, with the exception of Flash.

Firefox 52 plugins

Lightweight Paint Software mtPaint 3.50 Dev Available In PPA For Ubuntu or Linux Mint

mtPaint is a lightweight open source paint application for Linux and Windows. It is is aimed at creating indexed palette images and pixel art, and is designed to be simple and easy to use.

mtPaint 3.50

While the last stable mtPaint version was released back in 2011, there have been quite a few development releases since then, with the last one dating to June, 2016. I couldn't find a PPA with the latest mtPaint 3.50 development releases, so I created one to make it easy to install in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Numix-Based GTK Theme Generator Tool Oomox 1.2.0 Released With Improved Unity Support, More

Oomox is a tool that allows generating color variations of the popular Numix GTK2 / GTK3 theme, as well as icons to match them.

The application comes with a large number of built-in presets that can be further customized, and it supports GNOME, Unity, Xfce4 and Openbox.

The minimum GTK3 version required to use it is 3.18 (so it supports Ubuntu 16.04 and newer). The themes might work with older GTK3 versions, but you may encounter issues.


Oomox already had Unity support, but with the latest 1.2.0 version, themes generated with it now have the correct window buttons color instead of the default Numix color:

Uber CLI: Quickly Get Uber Time-To-Pickup And Price Estimates From The Command Line

uber logo

Uber CLI is a tool to get time-to-pickup and price estimates for Uber from the command line. The application cannot be used to request Uber rides.

This is useful if you use Uber and the command line a lot, as it's much faster than checking these details on your phone, especially if you create some Bash aliases for your home address and the places you frequently use Uber to get to.

Configure npm To Install Packages Globally Without sudo Using A Script

npm logo

npm is the default package manager for Node.js. It consists of a command line client that integrates with a remote registry, and it makes it easy to install, share and distribute code.

If you're using npm installed from a repository in Linux (like the official Ubuntu or Node.js repositories), you may have noticed that you can't install packages globally ("-g") as a regular user. Many websites mention installing npm packages using sudo, but this messes up some permissions and is not recommended.

Skype For Linux Enters Beta, Adds Support For Video Calls With Other Platforms

The new Skype for Linux app was released as an alpha version back in July, and it included support support for one-to-one and group voice calls, but no video call support. Video call support was added back in October, but only between Skype for Linux Alpha clients

This changes with the latest Skype 5.0 for Linux, which was promoted from Alpha to Beta. The latest version adds support for one-to-one video calls with Skype for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Skype For Linux Beta