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Meteo Qt is a tray application that displays the current weather temperature on the panel, with a 6-day forecast easily accessible from its menu. 

MeteoQt Kubuntu
Meteo Qt in Kubuntu 17.04

The application is based on Python 3 and Qt 5, and while it is aimed at Qt-based desktops (like KDE Plasma or LXQt), it works pretty well on GTK-based desktops as well (either as a tray or as an AppIndicator).

Meteo Qt features:
  • uses weather data from OpenWeatherMap;
  • the weather status window displays detailed day forecast (with wind speed and cloud % in tooltips) as well as a 6-day weather forecast (which includes precipitation, wind, pressure, humidity and cloudiness in the tooltips);
  • supports adding multiple cities (including temporary cities);
  • configurable temperature unit (Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin) and update interval;
  • configurable tray / AppIndicator:
    • font size;
    • font color (using a color picker);
    • display the temperature, icon or both in the same time;
  • optional notifications on weather update;
  • proxy support;
  • option to start automatically at system startup.

To use Meteo Qt, you'll need to sign up to OpenWeatherMap to get a personal API key (free). After logging in to your OpenWeatherMap account, head to home.openweathermap.org, click on "API Keys", copy the key:

openweathermap api

... and paste it in the Meteo Qt settings.

Important: the activation of an API key for free OpenWeatherMap accounts takes 10 minutes!

Meteo Qt Unity
Meteo Qt Unity

To use Meteo Qt with an AppIndicator, set the "System tray icon" option to "Temperature" only, or else the font and icon will be too small or they will overlap. Also, set the font size to 26, and if you use it in Unity with Ambiance theme, set the font color to "#dfdbd2". Here are the settings I'm using under Unity:

Install Meteo Qt in Ubuntu (and flavors) 16.04 or 16.10

Meteo Qt is available in the GetDeb repositories. For those not familiar with GetDeb, this is a project that provides Ubuntu packages for applications that aren't available in the official Ubuntu repositories as well as newer versions for packages from the official Ubuntu repositories, kind of like the WebUpd8 PPAs.

To install Meteo Qt in Ubuntu 16.04 or 16.10 (and derivatives like Kubuntu, etc.), follow the instructions below:

1. To add the GetDeb repository, install THIS deb or follow the instructions on the GetDeb website.

2. After adding the repository, update the software sources and install Meteo Qt using the following commands:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install meteo

If you don't want to add the PPA, download the Meteo Qt deb from HERE (note that you won't receive any updates unless you add the repository). The deb should also work in Ubuntu (or Kubuntu, etc.) 17.04.

For how to install Meteo Qt in other Linux distributions, report bugs and so on, see its GitHub page.