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  1. Shotwell 0.5 (Gnome Photo Manager) Has Been Released
  2. gThumb Finally Gets Flickr Support (Latest Build Is Available In The WebUpd8 PPA)
  3. New Proposed Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Ubiquity Slideshow
  4. Banshee 1.5.5 Released With Grid View, YouTube Plugin And Gapless Playback
  5. Listen Music Player Comes With Lots Of Useful Features, Plugins. Try It!
  6. Ubuntu 'light-themes' Package Released, Brings Lots Of Improvements And Bug Fixes
  7. POLL: Best Linux Instant Messaging Client (don't forget to vote if you haven't already!)
  8. Download Radiance With Minimize And Maximize Buttons Back To Normal [Ubuntu w/ Gnome Metacity Theme]
  9. Opera 10.51 For Windows Released; New, 'Prettier' Linux Builds Available Too
  10. How To Make WINE Open Links In Your Default Linux Browser

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