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The Ubuntu Ubiquity Slideshow is a project which uses Webkit that provides a slideshow when you install Ubuntu.

Here is how the Ubuntu 10.04 Ubiquity slideshow looks currently:

ubuntu ubiquity slideshow
(the complete slideshow can be found HERE)

The current Kubuntu Ubiquity Slideshow:

new kubuntu ubiquity
(the complete slideshow can be found HERE)

and Xubuntu:

new xubuntu ubiquity
(the complete slideshow can be found HERE)

And here is the AMAZING new proposed Ubiquity Slideshow:

new ubuntu ubiquity

new ubuntu 10.04 ubiquity slideshow

Thanks to Dylan McCall, you can preview the proposed Ubiquity slideshow online. Just click the arrows to navigate back and forward.

The idea is to create a new version for each Ubuntu flavor (including one for Ubuntu Netbook Edition), each beging completely different than the others.

So, what do you think of this new proposed Ubuntu 10.04 Ubiquity Slideshow?
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