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For this week's hive five post we would like to ask WebUpd8 readers to vote for the best instant messaging client for Linux (in their opinion, of course).

There was a great debate when Pidgin was replaced with Empathy in Ubuntu and it will be interesting to see if Ubuntu users actually started using Empathy or they are still using Pidgin. Of course, there were a lot of applications which could have been included in this poll, but we decided to go with Empathy, Pidgin, Kopete, Skype and Emesene because those are probably the most well-known instant messaging clients and also we wanted to make sure most IM protocols are represented in the poll.

As usual, you can vote for an application not included in this poll, by selecting "Other answer" and then entering the name of the application you want to vote.

Please let us know why you've chosen a certain application in the comments! Thank you!