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I for one only use Wine for Spotify. But if you use it for some other applications, you will probably want to tweak the option which makes the links open in the default Wine browser instead of your default Linux browser (you might even not have a browser installed in Wine, right?).

Doing this requires a few steps (it's not that hard if you've used Windows) but if you really want to use Wine, you might as well do it (now it's a good time to remember how to edit the Windows registry), right? Read on!

1. Open Wine Regedit:

wine regedit

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER (a.k.a HKCU) -> Software -> Wine and look for a key called "WineBrowser", if it does not exist, create it. Under the newly created "WineBrowser" key, create a string called "Browsers" with the following value:

Don't worry about the browsers order in the above code. Just make sure "xdg-open" is the first one, as that will make sure that when you click a link in a Wine application, your default native Linux browser will be used to open that link.

3. But we are not done! At this point if you click a link in Wine, you'll get the following error:

err:winebrowser:get_url_from_dde Unabled to retrieve URL from string L"\""
err:winebrowser:wmain Usage: winebrowser URL

To fix this, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> http -> shell -> open -> command and edit the data value by adding "%1" at the end of the line, so that it looks like this:
C:\windows\system32\winebrowser.exe -nohome "%1"

Then close all Wine applications and try it out.